AF is here! yeaaa!

AF is here! woke up this morning and there she was! yeaaa! finally a sign of normality! its only been 24 days post D&C. my cycle is usually 28days, but i will take it. it may sound crazy but this is almost a week closer till TTC. sorry i know im rambling! now the only thing im confused about is how do you know when your OV? i have never had to think about this before any pointers?


  • that's fab. when is your blood test next week? glad things are finally getting back to normal for you. I wouldn't know when I ov without opk's/cbfm, but then my cycle is irregular. you could try the plan on the sperm meets egg thread.
  • hello GEM! we are finally on at the same time! lol my blood test is on wednesday. i think i must be about 5-6hrs ahead of your time from what i can tell as its 9:30am my time. i will give that plan a look at image i am so excited to be closer to ttc!!! image
  • oh you're probably in bed now then! How quick will you get your blood results then. Is it just hCG you're having. hopefully that should be really low, and it's go for ttc this month then? And we'll plan for bfp's for xmas ;\)
  • Def take it! mine was 8 weeks!!! GGRRR, if your normally about 28 days it should be around cd14 but it can vary for people, if your reg it may be worth investing in some opk's from CB or FR maybe, as your reg u would prob only need to use these for a month or 2 until you work out which days you OV, think the recommend you start using them on day 10 until you ov. i use a cbfm but thats cus my cycles are irreg and it'd cost me a fortune otherwise!!! x
  • Yay! that's fab, I got mine this weekend too, so onwards and upwards from here! xxx
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