Very very quietly announcing a bfp....

Hey ladies,

I've put this in ttc but also wanted to share it with the ladies here who have helped me loads over the last few weeks.

I am very quietly announcing my bfp it's still early days I'm only 3 weeks so haven't told anyone other than hubby but am fit to burst! After an early mc last month, a urine infection & a viral infection thought it was impossible I could be pregnant. Have been at docs 3 times over the last 2 weeks for abdominal pain & a fainting episode. 5 -ve preg tests assured the doc and me I wasn't pregnant so was starting to get worried as I had really unusual symptoms - sleeping 14 hours a day and fainting for a start!

After another -ve test on Friday I never thought anything until last night I just had a feeling so 3 cheapies and a clear blue digital (2-3 weeks pregnant) have confirmed what my mystery illness is. The really embarrassing thing is my hubby wondered why my first response test didn't pick it up on Friday. After a slight route around my bathroom bin (yuk!) I pulled out a faint but clearly +ve test which had obviously taken the full 3 mins to develop!!! I have been duly ribbed but also came home to a huge bunch of flowers from my hubby.

On a separate note has anyone had the swine flu jab I'm getting mine tomorrow have already had flu jab last week when I didn't know I was pregnant.

Sending lots of winter baby dust to you all



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