AF after ERPC

Ok, I need some advice. (again) TMI warning up front.

Yesterday evening I had some cramping and some pain. You can describe it with period pains, but only had them ones before. Still got some faint pains and cramps. Friday would be day 28 after erpc, which are my normal cycle length, so wasn't expecting anything till the week after. Anyhow, when I went to the toilet just a moment ago, I had some light bleeding. Only on the paper, nothing in the toilet itself. (my period normally starts in the morning when I wake up and never starts with spoting) I am now on day 26 after erpc, about 7 days after my negative pregnancy test. (still had a positive 10 days ago, faint, but positive)

Is this the start of my af? Or is it my body getting back to normal? Is it normal to have spotting before af even though you never had it before? Is it normal that a period only takes 3.5 weeks after an erpc? I know it can take a while before they are normal again, but even after birth whilst breastfeeding they came back regular and straight away.


  • I have read a lot as well and wasn't expecting af till about 5 weeks past erpc. Or atleast 2 weeks after negative pregnancy test. (don't think your body could kickstart things if test was still positive?) Mind you, having it now means I won't have it over christmas, which is a good thing. But was hoping I would not get it till at least saturday. (got baby swimming on friday and don't want to miss it)
  • I didn't have erpc, had natural MC, but my 2 AF's since MC have both been completely different to usual, and different to each other, so this coudl well be AF for you.
  • Well I have been twice since than to the toilet and nothing. No spotting, no full af. I am now really confused about it all.
  • I am winding myself up at the moment. I think it is to early for af so have been looking online what it could be and there are two other options. OV can give some spotting, but has never done so before and would mean my hcg levels are only just gone done to 0. (thought they might have gone done last thursday when I had negative preg test) Or it could be implantation bleed, which it might be to early for (only 6 days from the day my levels were below the testing cut off)

    I don't want to think anymore, it will gives me false hope and not sure what to do. I already decided to test somewhere next week as that would be 5 weeks from erpc. (just because than it would be 2 weeks after levels dropped below negative test)

    Who wants to give me a slap on the head for thinking to much?
  • I shall be there in 4 weeks for you then image

    Yeah, we have been quite naughty quite a few times. Not trying per se, but just having fun again. So yeah there could be a small chance. But even than it is a bit to early for that.

    I am gonna try to keep my mind of it all. Luckily only two more days till the weekend, than oh can keep my mind of things.
  • I had my ERPC end September. I've had two AFs since then - the first cycle was 35 days; the second was 29 days (my normal cycle length), Both times, I've had a bit of brown mucus spotting (sorry TMI) 5 days before my AF started. I never used to have this before so I put it down to my body just readjusting.

    This is the secod ERPC I've had. I did have quite a few aches and pains in my ovaries after my first one in 2007 for 6 weeks or more. I got pg quickly then though and had a healthy boy so I guess it wasn't a major problem for me.

  • Well, no spotting anymore. Just the once yesterday. In case it is anything other than af arriving soon we have been bd'ing yesterday. I probably grabbing straws, but can't seem to stop. :S I wait till next week, if af hasn't arrived by than I will do a test. image
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