Heavy AF?

It has been a while now since my MMC but I have had awful problems getting back to normal, I had heavy bleeding for about 11 weeks!!!!!! and had to take tablets to regulate the problem, since then I have had a very very light AF and now I am on CD4 on my first real AF since MMC.

I started on CD1 on Thursday with normal flow, however Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been really heavy, I have never really had heavy AF before and this seems quite heavy for me, changing tampon about every 4 hours, and it is soaked (sorry TMI).

I would have thought that by CD4 it would be slowing down..... but no signs of slowing down yet!!!!!
I shouldn't moan really as I was worried after last one that it was too light.......

Hopefully it will start slowing down tomorrow, just hope it does stop, I have a little sinking feeling that I may continue bleeding like after my MC........ must stay positive though.

Anyone else had a really heavy AF?


  • Hiya!!

    Well no, mine is quite the opposite! Its so light, I almost don't know whether to call it a period, and it's brown!! (yuk tmi!!)

    I've had it since thurs and theres flow in the afternoons but nothing morning and evenings. Its really worrying me about whether my endometrim is too thin and if a BFP could implant.

    Is this what your light Af was like? did you have just the one before this AF? Do you reckon there anything you can do to help it? am trying to each iron-rich foods to help build blood!! (in my head it makes sense!!)

    How is your AF today? xx
  • Well I feel so positive tonight..... I am officially back to normal. My AF stayed heavy Friday, Saturday and Sunday, today it was very light and this evening it has stopped, so I have had a 5 day normal AF..................... Yea..................... cant believe I have actually got to this point......... bring on the TTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven't really had an AF other than this one since my MMC. Doc thinks I have but it was probably mixed in with bleeding after MC, as I was bleeding for 11 weeks!!!!!

    I had a bleed for about 8 days after taking tablest to regulate my bleeding, this was really really really light, next to nothing coming out at all, didn't even have to wear anything, there was next to no flow, the bleeding was inside if you get what I mean.

    I have been in contact with another girl who has had really light AF since her MMC and she has had a scan to confirm that her lining is to thin, have you had any other symptoms that would indicate this?

    I know it is difficult as I thought about this when I had my really lite bleed, but all seems to be fine now, keep positive, I am sure everything will be fine.

    So CD6 tomorrow, I starte OV test today and got a negative, so things are looking up, I had a positive on CD8 last cycle so have started early so I dont miss anything....... starting BD tomorrow, althought hubby goes away on a bike holiday on Sunday so we are very likley to miss OV this month....... oh well we may just have to wait.

    Hope everything is ok x
  • Hey!

    How is the Ov testing going? It could still happen with hubby away if you get in lots of BD before he goes!!

    Theres nothing else to incicate thin lining, just a really light period and my paranoia! I've been eating lots of iron foods and selenium which apparently helps so will see what my next one is like, from what I've read the first one can be a bit odd. If the next one is weird, I will see doc and try to get scanned.

    You must be so relieved that all is ok and you can start to ttc again!!

    Hope you're well! xxx
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