Feeling helpless

Hi everyone

I'm just here to let off some steam more than anything else.

Here it goes.

I miscarried in April. It started early April and ended with a managed miscarriage in hospital on the 23rd. In total I bled for around 4 weeks in total, from beginning to end. My next period came on the 30th May and I had all the signs of ov on the 17th June.

The last week I've been exhausted. My boobs hurt, I've been sick and I've had period style cramps. I'm also craving all the same food I was before I mc (shitake mushrooms and burnt fried garlic). I am starting to think it is all psychological. I am now 15 dpo and still no second line just horrible BFN. Am I just imagining things? I feel like I'm being tortured. I just feel so pregnant, am I testing too early or am I just wanting it so much I'm imagining things?

before all of this my cycles were between 28 and 32 days, and we got pregnant on month 2 of trying, so I never really got into counting days and things we were just lucky. could I just be too early?

Thanks for your help

Rachel x


  • hey hun, am sorry to hear of your mc, it really does get easier with time and ttc gets more bearable too! unfortunately it could be either! the first proper try we had after my mmc i had convinced myself we'd done it - only to be absolutely heartbroken a few days later! but saying that, some peple don't get even a faint line until they're 14-20 dpo!!! xx
  • Thanks.

    I'm booked in to see the doctor tomorrow so I'll talk to him about it and see what he says.

    I'll just have to keep on testing till AF shows up..

    Fingers crossed she wont
  • Hi sweet, firstly so sorry to hear of your loss. I suffered a missed miscarriage back in March. Since then my cycles have been heavier and longer, had been 28 days, now it seems to be up to 32!!

    I was convinced last month I had fallen again, we tried the SMEP too, and I had some symptoms, but was not to be and I came on.:\(

    Good luck at the docs and I'm sending you some babydust too!

    Love & Light,

  • hi hun, what pregnancy test are u using? as I am BFP on a superdrug two days in a row but first response is still showing on a barely there line.

    the superdrug is really sensitive to HCG to 10mlu. I woulf test with one of those? plus everyone is different with their level of hormone.

    good luck and chin up.

    baby dust and sticky sauce.

  • I've been using tesco's and ive done a cbd. I'll go to superdrug tomorrow and try that. Thank you x
  • Hi everyone.

    I still have no BFP and no AF...what's going one? It is so frustrating x
  • Hi hun,

    Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, easier said than done i know!

    It can take your cycles a little longer to regulate after a mc so give it a couple of days and test again with an SD test.

    Hope it's your BFP image

  • Oh huni, I fell so the same. I am on CD35, AF due today and no sign, had all the symptoms you can imagine, I have been sick, really tired, really windy, and boobs are a little bigger, done two tests so far and both BFN.

    However I have done two CB and both not with FMU, people on here have told me that they are not very sensitive. Going to get a SD test tomorrow to do on thursday as AF will be two days late then.

    I feel like I am making all my symptoms up as I want to be PG so much!!!!!
    Have you done any more tests? Hope you get your BFP huni x
  • Hey

    AF finally got me last night. Totally gutted, as I thought this might be it. But at least I know where I stand now.

    I have a job interview 250 miles away from home tomorrow and if I get the job we will be doing the big move and TTC will be going on hold for about 4 months so I can get mull mat leave from them.

    Thanks for all your support on this one girls

    Rach x
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