another month gone, feel a bit left behind.

My af arrived two days early at cd26 and I was quite happy with it. Of course a bit disappointed, but nothing major. We had Michaels first birthday this weekend on saturday and had a great day with loads of friends and family.He got loads of toys, cloths and such. I made a beautifull cake. In the evening I got my parents to look after him when he was asleep and me, oh and a friend of ours went to the pub. For the first time ever I was probably drunk, but it was a great laugh. Some moments where emotional, but our friend was good to talk to. Never thought I would share some things with him I did this weekend, but his reactions did me a whole lot of good. He understood a lot better what I was going through and tried to explain the actions of my oh.

Anyways, we are going out again in about a months time, only problem is that I than might be pregnant. image So if it doesn't happen this month I don't think it is such a bad thing. Saying that I am now on cd 11 and we never did the deed so much as these last couple of days. It was lovely and we have great fun. We don't really try and don't avoid positions that aren't that great for conceiving. Like I said, if it doesn't happen, no big deal.

Will have to phone the doctors today to make an appointment for this week to discuss the anti D's. Not sure if they work completly, but I do feel a lot more relaxed. Did feel quite down early saturday though and was convinced the pills weren't working, but they seem to be alright in general.

It is a bit weird seeing everyone moving on the pregnancy and staying here. But I hope all of us soon will be joining the others in pregnancy.


  • just to offer (((((((((hugs))))))))) and sadly i'm still here too! xxx
  • And I am still here too, maybe we should have a "still here" thread, I am trying hard not too let it get me down too much but sometimes I have a major stress and think....OMG, it's never going to happen!! Sending hugs to all of us still trying xx
  • I am actually quite alright with not being pregnant yet. Definitly not as obsessed as I was a couple of months ago. (anti D's seem to help a lot) Feel a bit alone here now almost everyone I used to talk to and read messages from is moved on to pregnancy. It has been six months since the first mmc, but I am sure it will happen soon enough.

    I am feeling good lately. I know I am gonna be a wreck on the 14th, but we will go to a birthday party on the 15th and I am gonna have a few drinks. Hopefully it will help me get passed my edd of the first mmc.
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