Qn about missing af v bfp timescale!

Sorry but I'm in a muddle and would appreciate advice from those that have 'been there, done that' thanks image????

I am now on day 36 with no af or hint she's coming and a bfn on all 8 tests I've taken to date (last one Sunday morning)
I'm really confused my first af after delivery was 20/10 around 5 weeks after, I've had nothing since.????
So..,,,. I don't think I can be pregnant based on when I think I ov'd (didn't use cbfm etc) as I'm past 18dpo and no bfp BUT is there any chance I could still get a bfp? What's the latest it would be likely to show up?????
Or..... Have other people had this same problem where af is here, there 'n' everywhere for a few cycles? And, if so, how long did it take your body to get back into a routine?!????

Thanks I'm going crazy with confusion. My body is being so meeeeeeeeean to me atm!

Hope everyone else is doing ok x ????


  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear AF is mucking you around. Obviously it's not over til the fat lady sings as it were but it's also v possible for AF to be mucked up after mc unfortunately and it can take a couple of cycles to get back to normal (according to my accupuncturist). I'm only on cycle two after mc - and second af took EIGHT weeks to appear. You have my sympathy as it's just pants waiting, but perhaps you're still to ov, and therefore could still be in with a chance image

  • didnt want to read and run, sorry AF is sending you in circles. no advice as i just got done with my first AF after my mc and it was 24 days later *hugs*
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