Confused help from anyone please!!

I am really confused about our results last week!!! Am posting seperatley just incase anyone else has some advice.

I got the blood form for my LA (lupus anticoagulant) test that I have to have re-done, when doing some research to see what exactly it was it says that this is one to do with blood clotting, I am sure the consultant last week told us that the sticky blood one had come back normal!!! Can anyone anywere shed some light as I am confused now, I know I could just ring the consultant but getting through to his secretary is a joke & not sure she would be able to help me.

It would seem that now we may well have to take herapin or aspirin if this test comes back saying I have LA!!!


  • sorry hun i haven't a clue! could there be 2 types of test slightly different??? Don't beleive everything u read on the net hun! phone em and dmeand the cons phones u back! image xxx
  • How frustrating for you! It must be really hard for you - all you want is some closure.

    I'm afraid I can't help either, but perhaps the ladies in the Assisted Conception (or is it called the IVF forum?) or LTTTC forums could help? Or perhaps NattyNik?

  • Thanks ladies, I do post in ltttc but alot there are in different circumstances so have different tests.

    I rang the gynae today & managed to actually speak to the secretary who was really nice, she said I will get a copy of the letter going to my GP which will explain the test results they had received, and that once I get the LA blood done to call her 3 wks later as these get sent away to be analisyed & she would see if someone could explain the results to me then we only have to wait till feb for the genetic test to come back.

    It's not there fault the LA test wasnt done, on the blood form they specifically asked for a separate bottle of blood to be taken as this particular test is sent away but they didnt do this they tried to do it thereself out of the blood they had (they have to leave it in a testube to see how it clots). Thats why they want it re-done as it wouldnt be accurate!!!

    Thanks ladies xxx
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