FAO Laujai....

laujai- how are you hun?? havent seen you post latley just makin sure your ok and everything with the bean is ok


  • Hi Gussie

    Yea im fine thanks hun, have just been really tired in the evening lately. I started off with lots of energy & it's just slumped big time in the last few days or so!!! How have you been feeling ? xxx
  • have my scan tomarrow(monday) to check on the little bean hoping everything is ok. alittle scaired.(ok alot) but otherwise the same still a tiny bit of brownish spoting. otherwise really sore (.)(.) and the same as you i can feel each day my energy sliping away. glad everything is ok hun you deserve this ont to be a extra sticky bean!! *hugs* will keep you updated on the scan. do you use facebook?
  • Hey Gussie good luck for your scan today!! XXSara
  • good luck for today gussie!

    Hi Laujai *waves* good to read your doing ok hun! xx
  • thank you ladies!
  • Hi Gussie

    Sorry only just seen this as didnt really get back on as was knackered as usual!!!

    I hope your scan went well hun, do let us know wont you. I have mine tomorrow (tues) will be 6wks am shitting it as well!!!

    p.s. I am on fb xxx
  • im back from my scan i messured at 5+2 so couldnt see a heartbeat yet but the gast.sac messured at the right size so keeping my fingers crossed! the doc is going to call with my next scan date i think it will prob be in a few weeks, closer to 8wks hope you are all doing good!
  • sorry to gc girls,

    gussie- glad you're scan went well, and hope the time flies until it's the next one x

    laujai - good luck for today hunny! x x x
  • Hi Gussie

    That's great that sac is in the right place & measuring to date. I bet you cant wait for your nxt scan, I know I cant!!!

    I still havent posted in Nov but am replying to a thread in pg after mc & chatting with the pg after infertility girls as was in ltttc with them so feel free to pop over & chat hun xxxx
  • thanks laujai! my next scan date in april 15th very nervious still hoped i would be able to relax but....
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