So, what have I missed....?

Hi Gang,

I've been away for about a month, things got a bit stressfull after the last early mc / chemical.

It has now been 3 losses in a row June 2009 @5wks, Jan 2010 @10wks and March 2010 @5wks. We have seen the GP and are waiting for a referal. Anyone else had recurrent mc investigations? what happens next... ?

Meanwhile... AF was due yesterday, nothing yet but lots of cramps.

I have a baby shower to attend on 17th May for two of the girls at work, (one due 1st July, one due 11th Sept) this would have also been my shower too! so I'm going to find it very hard. I want to go but I also don't want to go, if that makes sense.

Anyway, what's new?? Have I missed any BFP's??

Lots of hugs to everyone and Hello to the new ladies xxx :\)


  • Hi, don't think we have spoken on here before, but just thought I would stop by and say hello. Yes, must be hard going a baby shower, I feel for you. A chap's partner at work is due soon and I just known they will bring baby in, so that's guna be hard for me too, I suffered a mmc about 2 months ago now and only just beginning to feel more positive about stuff and TTC again. Zxx
  • Hi ZLS23,

    I know your avatar, I have wrote on a few of your threads. Glad you're feeling positive again and thanks for your reply. The shower will be tough as we were all preg at same time (ish) I was due end of Aug, I see the girls all the time with gorgeous bumps, some days I'm ok other days its tough. I really want a BFP (that stciks!) before my Aug due date, that is my goal at the moment! x

  • Hi hun,

    Nice to see you on here image

  • Hi hun, glad to see you back. I really hope the tests give you some answers soon. On the other hand you're late so I'm hoping the referral is never needed! When will you test if AF stays away?

    I can totally understand how your feeling about the baby shower, it really will be such a bitter sweet day for you, on 1 hand you'll be happy for your friend but on the other knowing it should be you with the bump and getting attention and gifts will be truelly heartbreaking. Could you maybe go for a little while and excuse yourself if it all gets to much?

    I have a little news, I got my BFP and I'm due Christmas Eve. Still early days (I'm 5+5 today) but praying that I have a little sticky one, I was also made redundant yesterday so the stress levels are soaring at the minute, perfect timing eh, but hopefully everything will work out xx
  • Thats great news huni!! Congrats you both!! x
  • hi fairy! hope you get some answers and a sticky BFP! i will send you some of my beans sticky dust(just not to much) they changed my due date to nov.28 so now approaching wk 10! past my danger point so fingers crossed. good luck hun!! i keep poking in to check on all you girls that helped me soooo much! *hugs*
  • hi ya FT,

    I've been thinking of you and looking out for you hun,

    have you got the date for your referral yet, I so hope you get some answers and some positive advice and help.

    Ive really praying that it's your turn next hun,

    lots of love


    x x x
  • Hey Fairy,
    Really good to see you back here! I can only imagine how hard it will be to go for those baby showers! Perhaps go for a short while then excuse yourself. I had it pretty ruff in Dec when i had my mc, the day after my d+c, my sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy! I was absolutely happy for her but at the same time...... hmmm
    I too have some news, got my bfp on the 25th Apr. Really hope this is a sticky bean! Hope you'll befollowing soon with a super sticky bean coz you deserve it!!!
    I hope you don't mind me checking up on you dear.
  • Hi Fairy!
    Please to see you back on here we have missed you! Hopefully your referral will come through quickly and they will be able to help you get your dream! I have two ladies at work who are 24 and 18 weeks pg I should be 27 and they are both leaving on the last day of term before the summer hols - I should be leaving then too! Its hard at times but I am just trying to remain positive. My friend who is 24 weeks pg grabbed my hand the other day for me to feel her baby move. It was certainly a bittersweet moment. It was amazing to feel her little girl move but at the same time I wondered how it would have felt to feel it from the inside.... We will get there!
  • Shyro - CONGRATS!!!

    Muffin - I hope you're well, I work in a school too, and with two preg ladies leaving at end of summer, the last day of term will be very tough when we say goodbyes and give pressies to them both :\(

    I still have no AF and it is now CD30 I have 27 day cycles. I have tested everyday with a First response HPT, always using FMU.

    Yesterday and today I thought I could see a VERY faint 2nd line, but we've been there before and ended up having stonger BFP lines, even a digital BFP followed by heavy AF days later, so not holding my breath.

    Just waiting and in despair, If i'm not preg then I'd rather AF come on the day it is supposed to, so I can get over it quickly. When you're late but without a BFP it is just so cruel as I think we're having another chemical... we'll see? x
  • PB: Forgot to say congrats!!! It is fabulous news and good to hear from you!! I'll be keeping an eye on your progress xxx
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