Still getting positive results!!!!!!! Update Superdrug Tests

I had my D+C last Thursday, the 4th of February. I did my first PG test today and got quite a strong positive...... never been so upset to get a positive result!!!!!!!! Its been 9 days since my D+C just wondering how long it will be till I get a negative result. Dont really want to start TTC until I get a negative result so that I know we are at the right starting point.

I got 4 superdrug tests as they were on offer, I have three more left, going to wait till Thursday to check again I think, that will give me two weeks since the op!

How long did everyone else have to wait as I really want to start TTC again?????:\(

Update - I did another test this morning with a Superdrug test. Bearing in mind I really want a BFN! I did the test and straight away there was no line. Yea. I read after 1-2 mins and there was still no line. After 3-4 mins there was a very faint line and after about 5 mins there was quite a clear line. When I did my first test the line came up straight away quite clear. Is this a BFN? and can it be an evap line or is it still a BFP????? Help please:\?

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  • I feel your pain - I was same! There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer - I had a BFN after 2 weeks and like you say 1st time I was ever relieved to see it!! NOt sure if it makes a difference how far along you were. I was 11 weeks and mc naturally
  • heya chick,
    im sorry you are still getting positive results...
    i had a mc on 26th dec, i didnt have a D&C though, i had a natural mc. i stopped bleeding on 13th jan and that evening a did my 1st preg test since my mc and it came out negative.
    so maybe it will just be another week or so, i never thought i'd type this but i really hope you get ur BFN soon!!
  • Thanks guys..... it seems strange next week I am going to be keeping my fingers crossed for a BFN and then from then on will never want to see it again!!!!!!! This really is the mosting time....... just waiting..... its killing me!:\(
  • It's crap isn't it you spend ages gagging for a BFP then suddenly you're after a BFN grrrrrr
  • I got my first BFN 16 days after my ERPC. Hopefully yours will come soon! After days of being really angry with the 2nd line I now want it back again!
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