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hello ladies, just checking in to see how everyone is doing. did i miss any BFP?? hows everyone doing that was on the tablets? to all the new ladies on here that i dont know, hello and sorry you have to be here but these are wonderful ladies they very much helped me and kept me sane during one of the most awful times of my life, and hopefully will also help you. they have loads of knowledge and great advise!
-as for me, i am currently 10+2 and all seems to be well so far. had alittle scare at 5wks with a bout of bleeding but by 6 1/2wksthe bleeding was gone and hasnt returned sence! had a scan at 7+4 and got to see our little bean,arm and leg buds and a heart beat at 150bpm! have an OB appt on thurs. fingers crossed that all is still well! well enuf about me just wanna see how you all are doing! *hugs*
to all of you. good luck! sending sticky dust your way ( saving enuf for our little bean of corse)

update- hi girls! had my first OB appt today and my offical due date is Nov.21! yay that makes me 11+4 today, almost 12wks!

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  • Hi gussie,
    Don't think i've met you yet on here. I had my mc 5 1/2 weeks ago and i am now on day 4 of my first af.
    Looking forward to ttc again this month

    Congratulations on your pregnancy - so glad you've got to 10 weeks


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  • Hi Gussie - nice to hear from you ! Glad everything is going well for you , cannot believe you are at 10 weeks now. I remember you announcing your BFP .
    As for me had a 28 day cycle after mc and then a 35 day cycle ! Not impressed! I am now CD4 and hoping and praying this month is our month !

  • Hi Gussie, not sure if we have spoken before but just wanted to say glad all is going well for you. Take care. Love & Light. Zoe xx
  • great that things are going well hun! still here sadly, lol, tablets finished, now cd13, had highs since cd12, 2 days later than they had been... hhhmmmm just have to wait and see now i guess! lol xx
  • well good luck to you all! rocky hun got my fingers crossed they work for you hun! bubs- hang in there hun my first cycle after mc was 24days then the next one was 31days then the next was 33days and the next i got bfp. so just keep your head up hun t will come! limpie & ZL nice to meet you both ive been following you guys alittle bit here and there jus dont like to post in here much as i feel like a fraud ( i know thats prob. crazy) but good luck to the both of you! will be checking in and out. i have my first OB appt tomarrow morn. just pray everything is still ok! *hugs*
  • Gussie pleased to hear your little bean has nestled down and is growing well!!! How you feeling???
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