Can anyone help me ?if potential MC or not?

Hi girls didn't know where to put this but thought you might be good for some advice. I am 6+3 and have occasioanlly, i mean like every 2 or 3 days had an episode of a slimy mucus brown discharge only after i have been for wee, nothing coming away on its own.Sorry if TMI. Not had any cramps but having a few twinges in exactly the same place.Any advice?xx


  • Hi bootmaker

    Sounds like it could be something perfectly normal, but I'd book an appointment at the docs/hosp to get properly checked out- even if just to put your mind at rest.

    Fingers crossed it's just the little bean settling in for the full 9 months- it needs to get comfy in thereimage

    Take care

    Emma x
  • Thanks wilkins, i went to my GP on Tuesday with it and she wasn't concernedin the slightest but you become so obsessed with every little feeling you get don't you?I still have horrifically sore boobs, feeling queasy in the morning and i am so tired i could sleep standing up so hopefully a good little sticker!Thanks for advice.xx
  • Yes you def worry at the first sign of any change, but with all your symptoms going strong, it sounds like things are looking good for you!

    When I was told it was all over for me (at the scan) I knew myself because my boobs had returned to normal and I never felt queasy at any point.

    It's looking good Bootmaker!!

    All the best xx
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