can i have a new one? UPDATED

a new body that is! since my mmc on 1st august, i'm only now on cycle 6, (month 8!) of ttc, the 2nd cycle i passed a random thing, the month after i had a random bleed just b4 ov, i had an interbal scan b4 xmas, all fine and i've just had bloods to check my hormones and for pcos etc etc and they all came back normal. why today then on CD20 and still lows on my cbfm am i having yukky dark brown discharge??!!!! WTF is going on now!? sorry for such a negative post but this is really ridiculous now and i cn handle that bfp taking a bit longer this time but how on earth is it ever going to happen when my body keeps screwing up??? :cry: if anyone has any ideas of what this could be would be very grateful for them sharing. xxx


Spoke to my GP yesterday am as i had some fresh clotty blood (sorry tmi) and then some light af like bleeding, she suggested that it could possibly be a v early mc... but to see how it goes over the next few days and see if i get AF in 2 weeks time when she should;ve been scheduled... I ahven't OV'd as been using my cbfm and today is cd22, normally have 35 day cycles an OV about now. my cysles have been really settled the last couple and now this throws a huge rusty spanner in the works and i don't know what to think. I planned on doing an FR thsi morning to see if that would help but i didn't as my pad was clean this am but mid am proper bleeding has started :cry: have i had a really short cycle? or is this a mc? argh. do i do a FR tomorrow am? my head is all over the place! sorry, just had to get this down somewhere!

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  • Aww sweetie, what a crap time you'r having at the moment.

    I'm sorry that I don't have any advise but wanted to send you my hugs

  • Hello sweetie

    What hormone bloods did your GP do? as in were abouts in your cycle was you?
  • thanks rainbow. i was cd10 when they did them, just in the time scale that she wanted cus my cycles are a min of 32 days... any reason? xx
  • Sorry to read you're having such a poo time rocky. I don't know what's going on with your bod? but sending lots of love x
  • aww rocky im sorry your having such a shit of a time! not much advice except i had wierd spotting like that once and it ended up to be a bacterial infection, were i had to much good bacteria so it caused my cervix to become inflamed?? could that be it?? i had no other symptoms other then the weird spotting they did a swab and thats what the said?? i hope things start looking up for you hun!
  • Hi hun sorry didnt reply last night, I just wondered cause I always here the girls in ltttc talk about CD21 bloods & CD2-5 they have to be done at certain times to measure the hormone correctly, may be worth talking to them again and asking what sort of tests have they had to start with hun.
  • Sorry to hear that your body is messing you around so much, it must be sooo stressful. I am waiting for my first AF since mc and wondering when it will come and if I will then go back to normal. Its funny I just though after my mc things would go straight back to normal!!! No such bloody luck for us!!

    Take care, i hope your cycles settle down soon and you get your BFP

  • Hey there Rocky,
    I'm sorry that you are going through more uncertainty, it must be driving you nuts?
    Could you be ovulating, as I read somewhere then you can get bleeding at time of ovulation??? How are you feeling now?

    Kathy xx
  • Ohh Rocky im sorry that nothing is any clearer for you my love. I really think they should arrange firstly CD2-5 bloods to see if you ov last month & then arrange for later in cycle too.

    Im not sure what to do r.e. taking a test etc, what was your last AF like?? I know one of the ladies in ltttc used to get spotting around ov time but not heavier like you say. Do you get any strange pain throughout month or during sex (sorry tmi) xx
  • hey guys, thanks, there's def too much bleeding for OV and also i've still been using my cbfm and if i was going to ov i should at least had a high by now... Laujai do you know any more about these bloods? is it just to check you ov? my last AF was what i would class as normal. so haven't thought anything different. no strange pains during sex, unless a 'deep' position lol, sorry but i know that's just bumping my cervix and that's very rare, and only ever get ov twinges, and i know they're linked to ov because of my cbfm. i just hate being stuck in limbo! they've said to see if i get the AF in 2 weeks ish to know more whther this is a random bleed or a stupidly short cycle, or they might class it as a mc. but my heads going to be a mess for those 2 weeks! image xxx
  • rocky sorry to hear you are stuck in limbo! I think you should ask your doc for bloods for the next couple of cycles to see if you are actually ovulating when you think you are. Sorry can't really be much more help but I hope things sort them out soon! Our bodies need to hurry up and learn to behave!!!
  • hi muffin, i'm pretty certain i'm ov'ing as i use a cbfm, i am just SSOOOO fed up now, and also all the girlies that were here at the start with me have ALL graduated now to pg so feeling all glum and sorry for myself! xx
  • im sorry rocky! *hugs* i know i wasnt here at the "begining" but i too have been here for a WHILE and understand the frustration with watching everyone head off to pg! (dont think we arent very happy to hear all of the bfp's)
  • oh god, gussie, you made me realise how selfish and rude my last post must of sounded! i really didn't mean it like that! image all u guys are great, i just find i always remember those names of the few that i spoke to a fair bit or posted often when i first joined and i am very happy for all of them but also green eyed too..

    I did do an FR the other day with FMU and it was -ive, which is good but i also know it means bugger all and that if it was a mc it would be the likey result as it would've been so so early on. the bleeding seems to of stopped now, fingers crossed, an i have set my cbfm to cd 5 this morning as though this bleeding was an AF to see what happens next. xxx
  • Aww Rocky honey I don't really have any wise words for you, just wanted to offer my support. It must be so frustrating to think that you are back on the right track, only to have it all go pete tong again. I'm crossing my fingers that this bleed is some sort of weird early period, not a mc. XXXXSara
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