CD1 question!

Hi all, just a quick question! After a chemical pregnancy when would you class CD1 as, would it be the day the bleeding started?



  • i would say so hun yes! bear in mind your cycle could be to pot just a little bit and be a day or 2 out. xx
  • I've not had any bleeding since which makes me CD 30, normally I have a 26 day cycle! When should I test?

  • I wouldn't have any patience so I'd test now if it was me!

    If you have more patience than me I'd leave it 3 or 4 days, in case the chem pg messed up your cycles a little and AF is just a little late.
  • i'd try and leave it a few more days! xx
  • When I had my chem pg I counted the 1st day of red blood as CD1 & then I conceived the following month it would seem that I would've been on route for a normal cycle as I tested +ve at about 3+5 on 32 day cycle.
    If you have tests I would just do one with a chem pg I think generally your body gets back to normal pretty quickly for most rather than if it was further along were your body has more adjusting to do.

    Good luck if you do test xx.
  • Thanks for all your responces! Think I'll wait a while as I'm a bit scared of a BFP then having another chemical pregnancy! Wish it could be like in the movies, all the women are so busy they don't even notice a missed period and only take a test when they start being sick lol! Xxx
  • yeah wouldn't it be nice not to know at all until 12weeks, when the scary first trimester is all gone!!

    I know someone didn't find out til she was 5months!
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