Guess What Ladies!

I have the best man in the world. He has just told me that were going to Barcelona on Thurs for a short break we com home on Sun!!!

He booked it as a surprise for my birthday/xmas present!!!

He said that he was gona wait till the day before to tell me but my sil said that if I wanted to get anything then i'd be in a panic then on the way home he knew that when we go food shopping he wouldnt be able to stop me shopping for the week so decided to tell me today.

I cant beleive it, he said the reason he booked it was cause we had, had such a shit year & he wanted to do something special for me to cheer me up.

Bless him, im so excited xxxxxxx


  • That's great Laujai!!! It's always nice to get away from the stress of everyday life. I hope you have an excellent trip and enjoy som nice holiday bding!!! Happy early birhday too image
  • OMG what a lovely hubby!!! You should have an ace time!!
  • How cool is that! What a lovely thing to do. Have you been to Barcelona before? I have - it is totally FABULOUS!!! You will have an ace time. Wish I could some with you!
  • Oh that's lovely what a thoughtful thing to do. Enjoy xx
  • yay what a lovely surpise. we had a fab holiday in barcelona last year. we slept til noon had brunch then did touristy stuff all afternoon, then loads of hanging about in restaurants and bars all evening. It was lovely. sounds like just what you need right now!!
  • Thanks ladies,

    I havent been since I was a kid so dont remember anything. Gem that's exactly what im looking forward to doing, I cant wait!! xx
  • O . M . G !!!! that is such a sweet thing to do!!!! my hubby would never ever do that! lol xxx have a lovely time xxx
  • Oh how lovely! What a great surprise. Good timing as well to take your mind away from things and spend some fun quality time together. Enjoy! J x
  • What a wonderful bloke you have, you are one lucky lady. Have a fab time x
  • omg! have fun hun!!
  • What a super thoughtful hubby!10 gold stars for Mr Laujai!!! You so deserve to be spoilt rotton! x x x
  • every minute of it image xx
  • Laujai - its a beuatiful place and what a wonderful suprise - you derserve to be spoilt so enjoy every second!
  • That's lovely and yes, it has been an awful year and you definitely deserve to be spoilt and also a change of scenes will help just recharge those emotional batteries. Make sure you make every minute count while you are away. I hope the weather stays nice and you get a nice restful break.
  • Thanks everyone, we plan to enjoy every minute, really cant wait, only a few more days!! x
  • OMG - what as sweetie you have there, thats fab. have a fantastic time hun x

    not many more sleeps to go

    whoop whoop

    x x x
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