is this normal

its a month now since our loss ,so i bought a test to see if hcg has dissappeared but only tescos finest mind.but today got a faint would hcg still be in system still.i read a few posts on this and most people were getting negstives after two a bit confused between all the information as to how long hcg stays in system.many thanks if someone puts me right.hope we get there soon xxxxxxx


  • Hi Roisine,
    Sorry to read of your mc. I think it is possible that HcG could still be in your system at this stage, depending on how far gone you were when you had your mc. Maybe leave it a few more days to a week and test again to see what happens? Or have a chat with your gp, he may be able to test your bloods to see what's going on? xxx
  • thanks for your reply its a bit of a bummer cos line not as faint as i would have liked.(imagine saying that)its not as strong as control but very visible.i just want to be able to chart what my body doing and just get back to some normality.i suppose we all hoping for that or a miracle!!!!!!will do that and test in a week and see what is going on.hope you all have good news soon
  • i had my first set of post D&C bloods 1 1/2 weeks after, and i still had hcg levels of 200+ so it is possible to still get a preg.reading at one month i think. i go for bloods this week its been 4weeks sence the loss so we will see.
  • i had hcg still in my system 3 weeks after, so it is possible! x
  • Hi hun,

    I got a +ve on a CBD 7 wks after erpc!! Then had my hcg bloods every wk after this & they gradually dropped xxx
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