i found this and i cryed

as for many they have lost and as for me i feel i am going though it but till friday i do not know

hope you do not mind me sharing this with you all


  • What a lovely poem! I couldn't help but shed a little tear. Really hope everything goes OK for you on Friday meagnella and you don't have to go through all that heartache!

    Stay positive...good things do happen. I know it's easier said than done though...everyone kept saying it to me when I had my mmc 10 weeks ago! Even the nurse is A&E tried to re-assure me by telling me her experience when she was pregnant. People think the worrying starts when the baby arrives, personally I think it starts the day it's concieved! I think I've aged 10 years since March with all the worry! Thinking of you and fingers crossed everything is OK....I'm sure it will be xx
  • Hey Hon,

    I love this poem, when I had my 10wk miscarriage, I spent a lot of time on line searching for comfort and that was my favourite poem. I am Christian but don't go to church that often, I live a Christian life and feel that everything is for a reason. I know our local vicar quite well, she married us last year. I sent a copy of this poem to her and she was really touched, she read it out in church and came to visit me with flowers. I found it really spiritual and comforting.

    I also found myself searching for miscarriage type songs with lyrics that I could relate to. Some may think I was wallowing in self pity, but I found it really helpful and I think I sobbed continuously for days. If I stopped crying, I only had to read a poem or put one of these songs on and I'd be off again. I was so exhausted by the end of it, but I liked have feelings, even if they were sad ones, because the rest of the time when I wasn't crying, I felt nothing, I was just so numb. Here are the songs I listened too:

    ???????I cried for you??????? by Katie Melua

    Rascal flats - what hurts the most

    Evanescence-Bre athe no more

    You'll Be In My Heart phil collins

    Evanescence my immortal

    George canyon - my name

    "Wait" by Sarah McLachlan.

    Glory Baby - Watermark

    Missing You - Imogen Heap

    Away From the Sun 3 Doors Down

    lindsey haun broken

    Leona lewis - run

    ELO's Mr Blue Sky

    Josh Groban - To where you are

    'Baby Mine' by Bette Midler.

    It does get better with time, and you will have good days and bad. If I'm having a bad day I may indulge in the odd song to help remember. I have bought a sky lantern to release with my DH on our EDD. All the best and stay strong! Lots of love xxxx
  • TY all well i came across it as i watch the ladies video's on youtube and she put it on as she found it on line and she MC'ED TY again and hope you all happyness
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