My Holiday Has......

......almost made me feel normal again!!

As many of you know, I suffered a mmc a few weeks ago, in fact last Wed was 2 weeks since my ERPC.

We have just got back from our hols in "not so sunny!" Devon today, we had four nights away and it was brilliant to just get away from everything and work etc.

I actually stopped bleeding on Tues this week, and seemed to have some CM on Wednesday, so guess I could have been ovulating then, as it was exactly 2w since my op? And normally I have been having 28-29 day cycles, tho god knows what they wil be now??!!

We both had a few down moments while away, little trigger things like something we saw on TV etc, not mention one night where it got a bit steamy, and although we didn't actually "do the deed", I got extremely emotional as I wasn't sure i could still "feel" those feelings again if you know what I mean??

We also had a very romantic night in the hot tub, attached to our cabin thing. We went in at about 10pm, and just had the multicoloured hot tub lights on, it was pitch black, and we just sat in there with a glass of wine each staring up at the stars - bliss!

All in all, we had fun, we laughed again and are both feeling optimistic about the future.

I'm just so glad the bleeding has stopped and I can stop wearing those god damn awful pads, and start wearing my nice underwear again!!! image

Anyway, just wanted to share.....hope everyone doing ok??


PS Rainbow - hope you got the piece of virtual rock I sent you?? :lol:

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  • Hi hun, glad to hear you had a great time, the holiday sounds like it has definitely done you the world of good! xx
  • Glad you had a good time huni image

    I was desperate to get back into some nice undies too, and so was my hubs I am guessing lol!!

    Nice to see you feeling more positive about the future too xxxx
  • Glad you had a nice break and was able to relax, and that the bleeding has stopped. I'm getting very fed up bleeding now and can totally understand with wanting to wear nice underwear again (my hubby bought me some nice new ones the other day but haven't been able to wear them yet)

    Must be the good devon air image

  • Glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday and time away.. just what you needed by the sounds of it image

  • yes I got it sweetie, thank you :/) you sound like you had a fantastic time, really pleased your feeling much better xxx
  • Wow sounds like you had a fab hols!! Yay for being back in your nice underwear hun too!!! x x x
  • Hi hun glad u had a lovely hol the hot tub sounds bliss!!! X x x
  • glad u had a nice time! hot tub sounds lush!!! im jelous lol!! get your best undies out and get BDin image
  • Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments. Have a great Easter too. Zxx
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