implantation twinges??

Hi ladies,

for the past two days I have been getting little twinges or what I describe as a pinging feeling in my uterus. there is no blood but we have been trying and I ovulated last week..

I dont want to get my hopes up but could it be implantation? im not even sure image this waiting is horrible.

its been almost 4 weeks since MC so if the midwife is right I should be due my AF around week beginning 5th July.

just worried about the twinges.


  • has anyone got experience of this??

  • Hi hun, I only ever get ov pain but it does sound like what I have read about implatation pain. Hope this is you on your way to a BFP.

    Lots of luck xx
  • I had implantation pain the first time round and have had similar pains this month. It sounds promising for you. I am 9 days late but have been holding off to test but have all the symtoms, nausea, tiredness, sore boobs!! I had my mc 10 weeks ago. Fingers crossed we both get our
    bfp's soon x x
  • I've been getting these twinges too and have also wondered if it could be implantation, but then i'm not too positive this month as we only bd'd once when it counted and that was the day i got my smiley on ov stick. Today i'm 8 dpo (I think) and stupidly tested yesterday and no surprises it was a bfn, don't know why I do it to myself! Of course it's far too early!

    Hopefully it is implantation for us both. And Cupcake, 9 days late and you've not tested yet, good god you've got amazing willpower!! Good luck everyone xx

  • I would say that the implantation pains (for me) are more like my mid cycle Ov pains than my AF pains! Quite constant although they do have the odd moment of being more achey. I know this might sound daft but sometime it feels like there is something inside biting me! Like a load of piranha fish nibbling!! :lol:

  • LOL.. I agree fairythalia, it does feel like someone nipping me around my uterus.
    i stupidly tested but it was a BFN as its way too early, its only been a week. how stupid LOL..
    am going to hold out for another week and a bit, see if my AF arrives. if not then I will test, should I use a FR first? as its sensitive to low levels of HCG..

    hopefully its BFP for us all image
  • Oooh how exciting!

    I've had a pulling feeling going on for a few days now and i'm just hoping and praying that we've done it.
    I'm 8DPO at the mo.

    Good luck everyone x
  • do you think I should have had a positive test by now? its been about a week.. or is it way too early?

    cant stop worrying and fretting.

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