When To Test?

Hi Ladies

Bit unsure when to test this month, so would like your advice please. Here's some background information:--

ERPC Op - 17th March 2010
Cycles since ranging 31-32 days
Ovulated in May on CD15
Ovulated in June on CD 15

July - no signs of ovulation at all!! No positive test, tested from CD15-19!! :cry:

So, I either haven't ovulated this month or I ovulated early and missed the usual signs (CM etc).

I had a tiny bleed last Sunday - 4th July (implantation bleed?).

So, perhaps I ovulated around 6-7 days before that (as its 6-12 days for implantation). So, in theory, ovulation could have been around CD12, I started testing CD15 so easy to have missed it?

My leutal phase has been around 16-17 days, making AF due middle of next week, which would give me a shorter cycle this month.

But you know what its like, you wanna test at the earliest opportunity, but not too early as to be silly!! :lol:

Oh I just don't know what to do, its messing with my head thinking this could have happened or that could have happened. I'm fed up with myself for second guessing, but just can't help it!! In my mind, I'm trying to think its not happened this month, as in setting myself up ready for disappointment, but there's a small part of me that is seriously wishing thinking...

Sorry for rambling..

Any advice?? Please....:\?



  • Hey,
    Step away from the tests, i know its easier said than done but you really should try to wait for when your AF is due or late!! You'll only drive yourself nuts otherwise!! Fingers crossed xx
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