Cycle lengths after ERPC

Hi girls,
Hope you are all well and enjoying the nice weather we've been having.

I know that every one is different but I was just wondering how you had found your cycles to be after ERPC. I had my first period exactly 28 days after the procedure and had two further cycles of 28 days after this. I thought this was brilliant as before my mmc my cycle was anything between 30 and 36 days long! The next cycle lasted only 26 days.
I am now on cd28...5 tests so far and all BFN. image
So I guess either my cycle is becoming longer again as it was before my mmc or I'm pregnant but just too early to get my BFP.
Have any of you found that your cycles changed? If so did they go back to normal?

Hopefully everyone will get their BFPs soon. Baby dust to you all! xxx


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