can't help but ss and look back at old charts....

Is it just me? I keep looking back at Fertility Friend charts and comparing! By my temps and ov sticks I haven't ov this month but I did have ov pain on Saturday which fits in with when I expected it so I'm hoping that I did ov Sunday... that makes me 5dpo and I've woken with a migraine.
When I was preg I had a migraine in the 2ww and as I was 100% sure I'd missed the boat I took my meds... when I told GP and said I wasn't concerned as it was ok in that early bit she said well we won't get into that just now... I had looked up the meds and tests on rats hadn't caused any problems but they had no proper evidence either way for humans. Then of course I lost the baby but at 11 weeks so I kind of thought if it had been the meds surely it would have gone before that...
Soooo I remembered this and have looked at the chart from then and guess what it was at 5dpo....


  • Hey sweetie, how are you need seen you in ages image

    Could you try the ice pack rather than the meds to begin with just in case, but having said that if the docs aren't worried about it then you ought not to be either image

    As for monitoring what you were like after your last BFP, please try not to do it (although I know it's much easier said that done image ) but what I can say is that this BFP is COMPLETLEY different to the last one in terms of symptoms, both leading up to my BFP and since, the only simial thing I had was that distinctive feeling in my tummy, other than that things are very very different which just goes to show really.

    Good luck hunni

  • No it's not just you (although I can't make sense of FF so never bothered charting). It's so hard to not look back and compare to how you are feeling now; to look for signs or patterns; to look for reasons.

    Seraphina don't feel guilty for taking your meds - you need them. It is dangerous to think "what if I had/hadn't done that", but also very hard not to do so. I know, I've been there. Before I found out it was a molar I was convinced that my mmc had been caused by medication by dumb-as-f*ck GP had prescribed for a urine infection.

    If looking over old charts helps you, where's the harm? But then if they are causing you upset, move away from them!!!
  • re: the meds sorry I confused the issue there. I'm not going to take them just in case and will put up with the migraine. The gP wasn't ok with it. I thought it was fine as I'd read that for the first few days after conception what you eat/drink won't affect the cells but when I said that to GP saying it isn't a baby yet she got quite stroppy image

    Rainbow all 3 of mine were totally different too but usually I get a 3 day migraine with AF and very very rarely at other times so it is just such a mahooooosive coincidence don't you think? LOL

    M+S I don't totally get FF either but it gives me something to do that feels useful!!

    Well won't know for at least a week will I so best get on and forget about it... YEAH RIGHT PML
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