its arrived finaly!!

sorry guys i've been of the site lately. felt i was getting a little obsessed. well finaly got the news i was waiting for. i would never of thought that i would have celebrated af arriving. its been a very long 7 weeks since the mc but now at least i know where i am and can start to chart my cycles. has anyone used the first response ov testing kit? i was thinking of using that this month as well as trying bding every other day to give us the best chances. i'd love to start the new year with a bfp. if all goes to plan i should be testing aroung 9th of jan.
well done to all of you with bfp. all the best


  • I used the CB one this month. Will find out in a week if it worked! Good luck and welcome back! x
  • glad AF is here, the one time in your life when you want her to be! never tried FR ov kit sorry!
  • Hey kittykat - glad your af has finally arrived - it must be a real relief.

    I have tried the fr kit - the one with 20 sticks. I found them a bit naff, truth be told. I found them difficult to read, and I wasted loads cos I ov early ish in my cycle (you can't use them after a month of opening the packet and I had about 10 left). I thought that they would be a bit like the cbfm - you know, giving me a "high" before my actual ov, but they don't. I think they would be good for ladies who have long cycles, but for me they were pointless. I prefer the cb digital sticks cos they are so easy to read. Happy face = ov! But the daddy of all systems had got to be the clear blue fertility monitor. It rocks!
  • woo hoo!

    I'm with m&s the cbfm is a beast! I'm in love with mine and feel like it gives me control back. Best money ever spent!x x x
  • ditto! i LOVE my CBFM!!!! pricey but isn't a BFP worth every penny? i've tried the FR and the CB opk's and i can't read them!!! V confusing! i have however invested in some CB digital this month (i've been having lots of highs on my cbfm so i do these in the evening!) try ebay for what ever you use, it's much cheaper, just make sure you checj they're sealed and still in date image xx
  • thanks guys
    if all fails this month i'm gong to go the cbfm route. i'm quite pleased at the timing as i can have a few drinks over christmass.
    thanks again
    hve fun
  • yiippppeee Kittkat -

    I cant wait until mine arrives (never thought Id say that!)

    sending you lots of baby dust

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