First port MMC AF

Hi there, haven't posted anything on here since I had MMC a month ago. I bled for over two weeks following my ERPC. Since then been waiting for my AF to arrive cos hubby and I want to TTC as soon as possible and I came on on Thursday evening. Bled all day Friday - only very light, but then today there's been nothing? Is this my AF or not? So desperate to start trying again - just feel like we're in this horrible limbo, but don't if this means I've had my AF so we can start TTC in the new year or if we've got to wait still? What have other people's experiences been?


  • Hi, I had a miscarriage 11 weeks ago. I kept waiting for my period and it never came and it turned out that I got pregnant again in my first cycle. The doctor said that it was absolutely fine and there was generally no medical need to wait for a cycle before you start TTC again. It just helps with dating, which can be resolved through an early scan anyway. My advise would be to take it easy, relax and let nature take its course. And try not to make sex all about making a baby. Good luck!
  • all the girls on here seem to have different experiences post MC. my first 2 AF's were not like normal, so thisa could be that you've had it. or like some of the ladies you might have some spotting/bleeding on and off for a while. but like faithie says, my doc said I was safe to ttc again before first AF, once my hCG levels had dropped.
  • I had an ERPC at the end of September, and my periods have been light since then. The last one only lasted four days, where before they would last six or seven.
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