I'm so scared!

Hello Ladies,

I'm new here! I had a missed miscarriage 5 weeks ago at 6 weeks and chose to let nature take its course and let the pregnancy come away naturally (after all it is a natural process and happens to loads of women and I am sick of been poked and proded by unsympathetic hospital staff), sadly after 5 weeks of waiting not all the tissue has come away and as a result I am being admitted to hospital tomorrow to have it removed as it is now starting to cause a lot of abdominal pain with no signs of going anywhere! I am so scared.

We are also desperate to try again after, but how long should I wait? Has anyone else concieved straight away and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? I was advised by the EPAU Clinic to wait for my cycle, but I am desperate to be a mum!

We are getting married next year and this pregnancy was totally unplanned, but now it's happened it's made both of us realise we want to be parents now and not after our wedding! I'm still taking folic acid and eating a healthy diet to try and keep me as healthy as possible and hoping we can concieve very quickly!

I am absolutely terrifed that I will misscarry again and don't know if I can go on the emotional rollercoaster again!


  • Hi I'm very new to all this too I was also thinking when we fall pregnant again how scard I will feel I just hope that next time it will be ok take care.xxx
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