Activley TTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the 6 longest weeks of my life I am finally back to normally...... the bleeding has stopped and got a negative PG test. Cant quite believe I am actually at the stage were we can actiley start TTC again.

I have no idea where I am in my cycle. I was bleeding for almost 6 weeks so no idea if I have had AF alredy or not. My plan is just to BD every other day until I either get a BFP or my next AF. So I shouldn't be POAS for a while, I will bexpecting AF around early April, so if nothing by then I will test.

So happy to be back at this stage....... lots and lots of very very sticky baby dust to everyone and thanks to everyone for all the help and support through the last 6 weeks, it has been a massive help ximage


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