Little update from me...

Hope no one minds me posting this, I knew that some of you would want to know so thought it easier this way but I dont want my post to upset anyone who is going through mc.

I had my 1st early scan today im measuring 6wks exactly at the moment & baby has a heartbeat!!!!

We are over the moon, I know weve still got a long way to go but to see that flicker on the screen when with all of my other pg we havent as baby had already passed just feels like a big step.

Cons wanted me to go back nxt week for another scan but as we are going on holiday on Sat for 2wks we have a scan booked for when we get home so that's good & I should be about 9wks then.

Also most of you'll know we were concerned about flying but the cons has put my mind at ease about that too so all seeming good for now.

Thanks so much ladies for all the support, as you can probably tell im still lurking around cause dont want to post in Nov yet!!!

Love to you all xxxxx


  • What a relief for you to hear the heartbeat and see your bean. You must be on cloud 9!!!
    Such great news hun! Hope you have a fantastic and relaxing holiday x x x x x
  • Fantastic news Laura - Im so pleased for you - now go and enjoy your holiday - look forward to hearing how the next scan goes - before you know it you will be complaining about heartburn and swollen ankles like the rest of us!
  • that's fab hun, so glad all is going well.

    x x x
  • Thats great news. Enjoy your holiday and relax!!! x
  • Lovely to hear your update Laura, where are you going on holiday??
  • So pleased to hear this! It must be amazing to see the heartbeat on a scan - I so look forward to seeing that too. (last scan was not good!). Have an amazing holiday and I look forward to hearing how your pg progresses! All the best xx
  • Thats the best news i've heard in ages Laura, well done to you n hubby. Enjoy your holiday xxx
  • Hi Hun, Glad to hear that all is going well for you. It must have been such a lovely feeling to know that your baby is growing just fine and that there is a heartbeat. I'm looking forward to that in the future!! Keep positive and try not to worry too much. Enjoy your holiday xxx
  • So pleased for you Lau, been thinking about you today, so glad the scan went well!
  • Laura, this is fantastic! I am so so happy for you.. I totally know wjat you mean about passing this massive milestone and seeing a heartbeat and so early on!! Sounds like a very strong little bean.. Please keep updating us, it is so amazing hearing positive stories x x
  • wwwooooooooohhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo! fantastic news! make sure you let us know before u go and as soon as you get back! xxxx
  • Thanks so much ladies every single one of you are fabulous. Was just telling oh how lovely you all are.

    Were going florida on sat, Rocky yes i will sign out with you all before we go & then back in!! mite even have a sneaky peak in when away as my dads taking his laptop!!! xxx
  • That's fabulous news sweetie image Really made up for you, enjoy your holiday as it could be your last without a little person image

  • good news lau!! im so gald for you i so much wanted to see our beans heartbeat yesterday but they said it was a few days to eiarly so... happy for you!!!!
  • Fantastic news!! Have a fab holiday as like Rainbow say's it could be your last without a little one - although lets be honest as if you would mind after all you have been through!! =) Yay -so happy for you!
  • Oh hun thats fantastic news. Enjoy your holiday xx
  • Congratulations, take it easy, enjoy your holiday x
  • That's wonderful news hun! so pleased for you (can feel my eyes welling up and I'll never forgive you for making me cry in work :lol: :lol: ) only joking sweetie, hope you have a wonderful holiday!!! xx
  • Congrats Lauji!! You soo deserve this bean!!! Wishing you a very h+h 9 months
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