just bought some ebay cheapies

Hi ladies have just bought some of the 10miu preg tests which says you can test from 5-15 dpo.
Has anyone used these before and are they any good?

Success stories wanted lol



  • heya i have bort ebay cheapies, but only got BPN's so far with them lol!
    i know this is no help but i didnt want to read and run!!
    but apparently they are the ones the NHS use (the ones i bort were) so they should be quite good i guess!
  • Hi. I bought some from ebay after my mc as it's so easy to spend a fortune on preg tests. I used them for months, testing early each time, as they're meant to be sensitive enough for that. Then one month, 8 months after my mc I got a BFP on one. As they were dead cheap, I did another, and one each day for a few days, and a few days later did a more expensive one. Every test from then on was a BFP and I now have the nearly 7 month old baby to prove that they were right! I would use them again no worries.
    Hope you get a BFP soon, sending lots of sticky baby dust. xx
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