Group Hug - You girls are great!!

Girls, you are fab!

After all that nonsense on ttc I am actually glad I am over here!

Long may the support and and lovely friendships on here continue! x x x


  • i ditto that one MP! ttc drives be a bit round the twist sometimes! xx
  • I second that!
    I only joined here this week but the support has been brilliant!
  • *gives MafiaP and the other girls a big squeezzzzzze*

    I have to say I don't think I will venture into ttc too often in future, am much happier over here in this little family!! Where you are all stars xxxx
  • Here here cannot beleive the rubbish that goes on!!


  • Yay, I'm in, you ladies have been fab to me!

    *joins in the big squeeze!*

  • *joins into the big hug*

    You girls are a great support and I am still surprised on how much support you can give and receive over the internet.
  • I totally agree with what all of you say, you have all been a wonderful support and i don;t know how i would have got through the last few months without you.

    Jodie xx
  • i replied to this and then went over to ttc briefly!!!! OMFG!!!! They're all nuts! Can't believe whats been going on!!! xx
  • you know if I join in the hug dexter will try to stick his big nose in too. He doesn't like me and hubby hugging without him - he always wriggles in between, then waggles his tail image

    but seriously, I agree you are all fantabulous!!
  • Woo hoo! I'm feeling the love!!

    I think the point we're all on here - to be mummies- has been missed over there! x x x
  • Im a grass & reported that thread LOL just so it gets removed cause it's a joke & distressing some people over there!!

    Gem roxy is the same LOL xx
  • Awwww thank you MP, just what I needed.
    I've just had a cyber bashing (Ooh sounds rude!) in Website Suggestions and really didn't mean for it to turn into such a heated topic, you know me, I HATE confrontation and it's really upset me! So perfect timing for TTCafterMC/E hug! xxxxxxxxx
  • Good for you!! x x x
  • Laujia and gems our dog is exactly the same! Good on you Laujai! it's ridiculous how they're all arguing like that, i think they all need to gorw up a bit instead of telling one or two people too! xx
  • Lol @ cyberbashing Amy & Ruby, oh err!!

    Am loving the love in the room tonight - making me all a bit emotional image xxx
  • Just want to say you're all great - had great advice/support. Thanks xx
  • I need another hug, I just saw your thread Amy & Ruby and it has really upset me :cry: Is there something in the water that is making people so nasty? I'm just going to sticki in here from now I think

  • Me too rainbow!!

    Making me emotional too MrsH, maybe a symptom?!?!?! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!! Naughty Amy! xxx

  • perhaps we shoudl all just stay in here where it's all nice and safe and cozy.
  • thank u huni for reccomending this site xxx
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