Silly question

This is probably a really silly question but how do you know if you have had a chemical pregnancy rather than early miscarriage or is it the same thing? I'm full of PMA today as it was my first day POAS for my CBFM following my MC in Nov. It feels like I've been waiting ages to try again. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  • as far as i know they class it as a chem pg if u get a +ive before your period's due and then you still get your period... so if you test early saya t 10dpo or 12 etc etc but still get AF at 14,15,16 dpo that would be a chem preg... anything after that where u bleed would be an early mc... xxx
  • p.s. its not silly at all, i had no idea what a chem pg was at all until i joined BE!!!! xx
  • Thanks so much Rocky Kiz that makes sense now. I've been wondering what the difference is for a while now. So I definitely had a MC in Nov as my AF was 2 weeks late.
  • yup you got it. xx
  • Yes, I had a chem pg back in June (I think) basically I tested a couple of days before AF was due (normally have a 32 day cycle) my tests were very faint the whole time & then got fainter I then started to bleed on day 42 very heavy & painful with clots!!
    The egg gets fertilised but doent implant properly.

    Good Luck hun
  • Ive always wondered this as well - not a silly question at all,

    thank you for asking it - and thank you for the replies

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