FAO Jodie

Hi ya hun

Just wanted to wish you a early Happy Birthday just incase I miss you tomorrow or you dont get online.

Hope you & oh have something nice planned to celebrate together.



  • Thanks hun, this is my 1st FAO!!!!

    We are going out for tea tomorrow night and taking noah, and i we have got the day off so we are going to chill til we pick noah up from nursery!

    Going out for a nice meal on fri night though, and my sister is going to babysit, it's going to be hard explaining to her why i'm not driving, she doesn;t let things lie easily!!

    Good luck for your testing in the morning, keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you!!

    Jodie xx
  • ooo I'm going to g/c, happy birthday for tomorrow Jodie!! xx
  • Your welcome hun

    Sounds like you have a lovely day planned & for friday night.

    Dont worry about your sister, is she having Noah overnight? xx
  • ditto! G/Cer!!!! but i did already with u a happy bday on the other thread too, lol

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear jooodddiiieeee, happy birthday to you! image xxx
  • Ohh I think someone should post a glass of non alcoholic wine & a bday cake, what do you think ladies LOL xx
  • g/c

    Happy Birthday Jodie,

    (its also my hubbies bday today)

    have a lovely day

  • Thanks girlies - this is lovely!!!

    Haven't been able to do much today as it is snowing loads by us! OH and us are having a SNOW DAY!! Its feels so naughty for us both to be off at home alone doing nothing!!!!! If weather subsides then hopefully we can still go out for tea!

    Jodie xx

    P.S Laura - sister is staying at ours for the night on fri and she will be up when we get it so going to have to play on a bad back- painkillers etc as to why i'm not drinking!!!

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