UPDATED 70 Days now since MC no AF! - been to docs :0(

Hi girls

I suffered my MC on 13 May - natural MC no intervention - but it is now 46 days (7 weeks this thur) and no sign of AF. I have decided that if AF is not here by this thur i will do a HPT. I know I could do one now but I jut want to wait as long as possible! i want it to be positive so much - will be so upset if its not +.
Have had no symptoms that would suggest i'm pregnant at all - and last time i did have implant bleed/sore boobies - so don't think I am :0(
We decided to try TTC straight away after MC and not wait for 1st AF - as we felt ready.
I have done some reading up on here and no some ladies wait a long time before first AF others 2-4 weeks.... not sure what i'm looking for really - just some reassurance! :0)
thanks ladies
thanks for you comments girls - its 50 days today and have decided its time to test - so tonight i'm going to do it - just because i'm still eating forbidded food/occaisonal alcohol etc and want to be safe - not expecting BFP at all as still no symptoms - but secretly hoping.... if its BFN will just keep waiting for AF and if still no AF by 12 weeks will see GP as Leanne said.
MrsAD yes it is me from invasion... so sorry to hear about your MC too - stay in touch on here and hopefully we can celebrate our BFPs again very soon - good luck lovely.
Parsnip xxx

went to docs this morning as been chatting with MrsAD on here who was prescribed something to bring on her AF (at CD68) and it worked. Not the same with my doc though - they won't even look at me until am at 3months past MC and just told me its completely normal and that i should relax and not worry! - and that I have actually only missed 1 period! - she took bloods 'to put my mind at rest'!!

gutted :0(

i'm going on hols next week though so am looking on positive side that a bit of R&R might bring on AF and we might conceive while we are away! wishful thinking i know! - on the plus side i can have a drink or two.

just thought i'd let you all know
love Parsnip

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  • Oh how annoying for you. I know how much you want af to come to get back to trying properly.
    Hopefully it is a BFP hun. Let us know how you get on xxx
  • I second babylove, it's so frustrating just waiting and not knowing!

    Hope it's your BFP hun!
  • just to say that i had to wait 8 weeks almost 9 for mine after my mmc! i hope she arrives soon! xx
  • Hi Parsnip - have you got the same username on wedding forum (invision) it's just I think I remember you saying about your mc as I had mine on 11th May. Same as you no intervention - I'm on CD49 and nothing apart from what I could only describe as OV pains. when I was pg I had really sore nipples and a few other symptoms but this time nothing!! I 've done a few HPT's over teh last two weeks but all BFN!!

    I did another one on Saturday (SD) and nothing in the 3 mins but at 10 mins there was a rediculously faint pink line - but the test said not to read after 10 mins so trying not to think about it.

    Because of the pains I've been having I went to the doc's last thursday and have to go back this friday if I still haven't come on and he is going to send me for a scan to make sure everything is ok!!

    It is very very annoying - I keep getting my hopes up onlt to be disappointed by BFN's!! We want a baby so much especially now after the excitement of being pg and just fell like I'm missing out on valuable time, some women have had two cycles in this time, it's got to the point where I'm envious of women getting their AF's!!

    I hope we both get our BFP's soon or otherwise AF's!!:\)xxxx
  • Hi there i had a natural mc in march and waited just under 12 weeks for my af to arrive or at least thats what i thought it was however you may have read my other post that i now have been diagnosed with high prolactin which is a hormone which is present in pregnancy and stops periods and ovulation returning!!! I would suggest you ask your doc to take bloods so you can put your mind at rest however mine would only do this at 12 weeks . I now have to see doc on wed to find out what they can do for me!!! I hope your af arrives soon and the worry and frustration will end!!
  • hi just to second the others and say my af arrived on sunday after 44 days i started bleeding on 8 may and lost baby on 15 may i had a natural mc as well its frustrating waiting and i hope yours comes soon or you get your bfp fingers crossed
  • Hi, I had a mmc in March and first AF showed up pretty much after 4 weeks. However, since then my cycles are slightly longer. Hope she turns up soon so you can move on (or you get your BFP of course!). Take care. Zxx
  • hope you get your bfp tonight fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi hun, hope you got your BFP xxxx
  • Hi hun how you getting on???
  • unfortunately it was a BFN.... so just keep waiting for AF i suppose :0( - so annoying waiting for you body to get back to normal! hurry up!! x
  • I know what you mean and totally understand your frustration my doc wouldnt do anything either til 12 weeks like i said but now they seem to be doing everything had bloods three weeks on the trot got a scan booked for monday, referral to hormone specialist and to gynae!!! I think they got fed up of me as i kept on at them about knowing my own body and that something wasnt and isnt right!!! I had spotting 12 weeks after mc but not what i would call a period and this happened for the following 2 months. As it turns out i started bleeding on the 1st day of my holiday last wed and havent stopped since!!! Now im worried that it is too heavy as im passing clots too!!!!!! i just dont get it all!!!! the worry never ends!!! All i can say and i know you wont want to hear it is just wait it will happen and it will sort itself out its just the waiting to get to you!! Keep in touch let me know how your getting on as it sounds your experiencing similar to what i did xxxxxx
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