Waiting... and waiting... :roll:

Hi girls,

Well I'm now CD29 and AF due yesdy/today but no show, I tested friday and today but total BFN, no sign of anything going on so am just.... waiting!!

I'm not really holding out hope of BFP as I think we didn't get to BD at the right time as was away for wkend but it would be nice if some super swimmers struck lucky!!

I just want to get on with next month now as have a lovely shiny new CBFM waiting to be used!

Anyway, bit of a non-post but a little update if you're interested!

How are you all? Anyone else playing the waiting game??

Fingers crossed for some shy beans! xx

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  • Hi Hun, sorry to hear you're waiting for the horrid cow! Bet you can't wait to start using the CBFM though! I'm on the first month using mine! And got my peak yesterday!!! So been BD'ing like mad lol! But the 2ww is going to go so slow! Although me and hubby are off to Turkey on thurs so that should take my mind off it! Hope your wait for the witch isn't too long xx
  • Thats exciting!! Hope you get your BFP when you get back from hols!!

    Yeh I hope my wait isn't too long as well, seems to be happening to all of us on here at the mo, fingers crossed will have a happy ending!!

    Have a great holiday!! xx
  • Fingers crossed for you hun! A few ladies on here have recently had shy beans!
    2 week waits are agonising aren't they! I think its because its out of our hands then and I like to be in control!
    Hoping to hear some good news from you soon.
    Take care
    Sue x
  • Well I am not sure what my cycles are going to like after M/C but I usually have a 25day cycle so I should of been due on yesterday and no sign of AF yet so I will test tomorrow and if BFN and still no AF will maybe test again in a couple off days

    Good Luck to you all and hope to see some more BFPs soon image

    Gem xx
  • Thanks Sparkles and Gem!

    I spontaneously tested again today but BFN... ho hum!! Will try and wait til fri now if Af does not arrive before then!!

    Good luck Gem, fingers crossed for you! xx
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