how do i cope with this good news for others

hi guys
feeling a little confused. my friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. she really deserves this as like many of us she lost her first baby and has loads of other med problems. but I'm finding it hard to be happy. don't get me wrong. she's been a great support to me but i just don't know if i can go visit and not look sad in-front of the happy couple. i want to get a gift but find baby products a tear jerker still. there was a little ray of hope this morning as i got my peak on cbfm. so will be bding today. does anyone else find this hard. i think i should be coping a little better now as its been 4 months. i don't want to upset her. god I'm such a baby.


  • Aww Sweetheart, you are not a baby.
    It is such a difficult situation and I am sure your friend (havin been through it) will completely understand. Go when you are ready, don't feel pressured to take a gift if buyin one seems so hard right now. It is you she will want to see hun.
    I know it is hard, I recently had a mc and now 2 of my friends are pg, I am happy for them obviously but life feels so unfair right now.
    Time is a healer hun, although we will always feels like we have a lost a little piece of us.
    Hugs xxxx
  • Hi sweeheart

    I agree with MrsHx go when you feel ready if it's too hard. Although I must admit being in that situation for me it wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. Basically a little different my sil & I were pg at the same time with our 1st we lost ours & her pg even though was my nephew & was over the moon was a constant reminder & then the day she was induced we found out that our 3rd baby had no hb. I was at the hospital whilst she was in labour & when I saw my nephew I fell in love with him completley & didnt feel upset at all.

    Your friend will understand if you shed a little tear as she knows how hard its been xxx
  • thankyou. i've decided to go next week and take vouchers. she can get what she needs and i won't have to go to baby shops. its a win win situation.
    thanks again
  • Hiya
    I was in the same situation this week. I am 6 weeks on from my mmc and my best friend gave birth 3 weeks ago. She only started ttc because I was having problems and now she has a beautiful daughter. I decided to wait to half term to go and see her (I am a teacher) and I went with my sister and her 1 year old daughter (who was at times a useful distraction). It was lovely seeing them both and I loved holding the baby. I did get choked up a couple of times but managed to keep it together until I drove home when I got a little tearful. It will be difficult sweetie but if your friend is anything like mine she will be so supportive. xx
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