Where's my AF??

Hey ladies...
i have never in my life wanted to see my period more than i do right now lol!
I doubt i will say that again after this one,,,
ive waited for 2 weeks so far 3 tomorrow... :/ and no sign other than the random bleed about a week ago!!
I tested and got a BFN which i needed to assure me my levels had returned!
I fell pregnant on the implant (seriously dont ask lol) and now its out but obv i wasnt hsving periods even before i fell pregnant i had it in for 6 months! I just wanna have my cycle so i can know whats what! My grandsf is really ill atm and Sam is changing jobs as am i soon but i still wanna get into it and know whats happening with my own body!
I have had unprotected sex a couple of times....so i dont know if i could have maybe fell then but then would it have shown up when i tested last week? God i feel like so much has happened since the MC but its only 3 weeks 2morro!


  • Hiya -
    Everyone is different but doc's suggest Af will return 6-8 weeks after MC. Which is a horribly long time not knowing. Some women get pregnant before this and some have AF's a 4weeks ish. But unfortunatly its a bit like how long is a piece of string. My Af came 31 days after, but I had an ERPC. When it comes its very relieving to know your body is getting back to normal and probably the only time you will welcome your Af with open arms!!
    Take care hun, hang in there it will arrive
    Sue x
  • Hi hon, I had an emergency ERPC 4 weeks ago this sunday after having a mmc 2 weeks before. Still no sign of my af either and hating the wait. we've also been naughty and not used protection since then, though much too early for anything to show if I had fallen. It depends when you had sex as to whether last week was too early to show; I would imagine it woudl have been much to early for a test to pick up on.

    Not much help, sorry, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in the long wait for af... xxx
  • Hi,
    It took me 3 weeks to get a BFN after my ERPC and 5 for AF to show up. I was like yourself, desperate for her to show up......
    It's a real pain in the ass but be patient xx
  • Hi Bumpwisher,

    As the other ladies have said its really down to the individual, it took almost 10 weeks for my AF to show up after natrual mc, but I think that is quite uncommon, I did loads of tests for the first couple of weeks then just resigned myself to the fact that my body was trying to recover.

    I went to the doctors in the end coz I was getting a lot of pain but still no AF and he gave me a hormone tablet that I had to take for 10 days and that eventually brought my period on. Although I know one of the other ladies mc'd 2 days after me and she went to her docs a week after I went and they wouldn't give it to her, so I think it very much depends on the doctors that you have. Fingers crossed af will come soon, I know I felt exactly the same and now feel like that again really want af to turn up so I know I'm back to normal again! Good luck hunxxx
  • Thank you ladies for your undying support image Im pleased im not alone and its normal good gosh 10 weeks i may kill someone lol! Ill keep you all up date xxxx
  • Hey there, I mc on 5th July and im still waiting. Its now starting to really play on my mind. HURRY UP. Im getting far to old for this. Good luck pet xxxx
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