Could this be AF?

Hi ladies, I had my MC on 5th July after bleeding heavily for 2 weeks. Passed baby at home after numerous scans showing hb and growing baby. Bleeding stopped rapidly. Started bleeding lightly on Sat (19days after MC)this has now tailed off. Have read that you have to have 20 days bleed free for it to count as AF. Have any of you ladies had first AF so quickly. Hoping its not still related to MC as that would set me back a month (feels like a long time just now). Sorry TMI...bleeding was mixed with CM, I dont know if that means anything. Do you think its AF? Dont want to pester hubby with questions, and how would he know anyway????? What do you ladies think? Anyone had AF early after MC?xx


  • Hi Tashelby,

    I'm very sorry to hear what you have gone through recently and I know first hand, as we all do, how frustrating it is waiting for the first AF after miscarrying.

    First of all, my AF came this morning and I didn't have 20 days of no bleeding, in fact I had been spotting since my induced mc on 10th June. I spoke to the midwife this morning who confirmed that everyone was different and the 20 day bleed free gap is a ball park figure. Have you had a negative test yet? It took 5 weeks to get mine, so that would be the first thing that I would do if I were you.

    Do you have an early pregnancy unit you can phone? If the midwives are anything like the ones i've been harrassing, they'll be happy to help you.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi Tashelsy
    Like Kate it took 5 weeks to get my proper AF. After my ERPC I bled heavily for bout 3 days then on and off spotting for about 2 weeks which was very frustrating. I did a HPT and got a negative after 3 weeks which was a mixed blessing....
    Good luck xxx
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