Comfort eating...?

Hi girls,

I know everyone deals with things differently - some stop eating, some just eat normally and others comfort eat...

I had a mc about 8 weeks ago now (wow that's gone fast!) In my 7 weeks of pg I'd put on 3lbs in weight due to eating when feeling queasy and just being happy I think!

However, since the mc I'v put on another 3lbs! I can't seem to find any motivation to lose it either, despite desperately wanting to in order to stay healthy for ttc again and a healthy pg next time.

I just keep thinking things like I deserve it as I've had a crap time or chocolate will make me happy! I have no self-control at all!!!

Anyone else noticed they've been comfort eating or am I the only one?!?!



  • Some days I don't eat at all. I know very bad. Other days my husband makes me eat breakfast, but don't eat anything else. And other days I eat crap constantly. I can't stop. I really hope to snap out of it soon, cause I would like to get pregnant asap. Sounds terrible doesn't it? Still not had a negative test, but they do get lighter and ligher. The one of this morning was almost invisible. So hope to be pregnant again in about 2 to 3 months. Hopefully than I will stop eating crap constantly.
  • Before my ectopic I hadn't eaten sugar in a year, lost over a stone. Since ectopic put on half a stone and feel like a lump of lard. Hate it and don't want to be an unhealthy person when ttc so am making a concerted effort to get back on track so when i'm pregnant I look it rather than just chubby!

    x x x
  • 3lb in 8 weeks isn't much. I say don't deprive yourself if you're already feeling down, you'll be more like to binge if you can't cope. just try to get more active to burn off any extra snacks. being fitter will make getting pg again easier anyway
  • I also comfort eat - chocloate is my down fall. I'm a chocoholic anyway, but I'm eating more than ever, never mind all my other crap. When my body settles down I'm going to start swimming againn

  • Not so much comfort eating as comfort tea drinking! I had been trying hard to cut down on my caffeine but after the whole partial mole saga I have been chain drinking the stuff!!
  • TOTALLY!!! I have a terrible habit of eating crisps or cake late at night now. My mmc was in September and I've actually been getting better recently so I hope the comfort eating settles down for you soon. I also think the cold weather makes us all want to eat more fattening rubbish!

  • Well ladies, I've made a stand! Decided that this ectopic has caused me so much misery so I refusing to let the damn experience make me fat too! Put on half weight I worked so hard to lose and figured I could either put the rest on or lose it again and I've opted for losing it again.

    Figure if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant in new year my weight is only going to go up and could do with least amount of baby weight to lose!

    No sugar has passed lips since Sunday and that's how it's going to stay! On exercise bike as we speak, who's with me!! x x
  • I'm with you! Need to lose it! Ironically we've cancelled our gym membership from the new year as it's too expensive but am gonna get December's worth out of it! About to get af so have at least another month to lose a few pounds!!!
  • I bought a box set of cd's yesterday - 101 running songs. Am due to test this weekend. If bfp will keep the cd's for losing the baby weight. if not going running next week.
  • Good idea gemgems. I think I will need to do something, maybe going for walks at least. But the weather has been so bad lately, mostly raining and such, that I don't really want to go out.
  • I cancelled my gym membership too as would rather put the money in baby fund! I just got my exercise bike out and I have a punch bag to which is great for toning arms and waist and a good stress reliver too!

    Feel so much better for deciding to do something about it. I think I've got about 8lb to lose, going to weigh myself next wednesday so at least i'll have had a week and a half for a little bit to come off.

    I'm going to try very hard to keep it up when I get a bfp too to stay strong and healthy. My work trousers don't feel as snug as they did this time last week so hopefully it's a step in the right direction x x x
  • Me me me! I'm with you Mafia Princess!!! I've lost about half a stone since mc, but have lots to go due to PCOS. Am practically living in the gym at the minute to help this (am a teeny bit addicted to exercise anyway) and never bothered to start drinking again after ttc, so hopefully it'll come off quite easily (how's that for PMA, huh, huh???)

    The punch bag sounds like a fab idea, I love boxing type exercises, they're so good for getting frustrations out!

    Good luck with getting the half a stone off xx
  • Thanks HT!!

    I feel so much better already, like I've taken some control back and am back on track. I always feel unhappy if I know i'm putting weight on so feel good I'm taking steps to get it down again.

    Huge congratulations on your half stone off, that's brilliant. The punch bag is good, only did 15 mins before the bike and I can certainly feel it today.

    Doing it every other day as don't want to burn out after a week! x x x
  • I did it girls, my new cd's are transferred to ipod, and went for a run this morning. managed to do half an hour without stopping, so was very pleased with myself, as haven't been for a run for 4months! (stopped running after BFP, and sawm instead. then got spotting so was scared to swim, then MC'd and was depressed, then thought might get pg again quickly so there was no point)

    think we're going to book that hol to cuba for next month now, and start running again lots. everyone says it's more likely to happen when you're not thinking about it so much. and it'll make the ttc time go faster anyway!
  • Right, you lovely ladies have spurred me on! I'm going to get the Wii fit out, (as soon as I have done the photos on Facbook!)

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