Scared to try....

hey ladies,
i really wanna TTC NOW as i have stopped bleeding and i know i havent had AF but i could catch before as i am VERY lucky to be quite fertile image
However we have one BIG problem other thsn obv being scared to miscarry scared to have sex in case it hurts i know it killed the first time i did it after the twins and they were 8 month old :/ I know its totally diff a mc to birth but will it hurt or am i being stupid??
We have offer of babysitter on friday and im thinkng lets take it up go out come home have sex and my mum will have the girls overnight!
I know the girls are acting up a bit atm but i think they are reacting to me being down so i need to move onwards and upwards and as Sam and i both agreee another baby will help that then the sooner we start the more chance we have of getting pregnant this year image
I just need to face my fears image x


  • hun i think ul be fine lol!!
    i had ERPC and cos i had no bleeding whatsoever i had sex 2 days later... like you was also scared it would hurt! but it felt completely normal!! image
    after birth im sure its very uncomfortable but with a miscarriage it wouldnt affect u as in pain!
  • Thank you for your reply hun.....i think were gunna go for it tomorrow image x
  • I agree with Yummymummy you will be fine. You just need to relax, so if you go out and have a few drinks I reckon you'll be fine. I know what you mean about your children acting up abit. I have three boys and after my mmc they were a NIGHTMARE but I know they were picking up on the negative atmosphere and although we try and protect them they do realise when things are up. Its been nearly 6 weeks now though and we are all back to normal:\)

    Hope it all goes well and just try and relax.

    Take care

  • After the birth of Michael it was painfull. (6 weeks after) It kept on being a bit uncomfertable for a few weeks before it started to be back to normal. (very straight forward birth with no tears or anything)

    After the erpc in november last year I waited a week before the bleeding stopped and must say it was straight to normal. No pain, no tightness, no being uncomfertable. I was a bit worried about it at first and wasn't completely relaxed, but it wasn;t bad. We had to use some lubricant though as we were using protection, but no pain.
  • Thanks Ladies today is the day image Its been 1 weeks and 4 days so im ready to do this may not catch as have not had AF yet but have stopped bleeding image But its fun trying as well as getting pregnant and me and Sam get a night together to ourselves for once im anxious as i have NEVER left the twins over night cept obv when Ella was in hosp but im sure ill have some pretty good distraction and the girls will have loads of fiun being spoiled by grandma image They always do haha i just hope they are good :/ They do seem to be settling as i am so you know im hopeful image Wish me luck and baby dust haha image I have never made such a fuss to have sex haha i was nervous after the girls but knew it would hurt i had a small tear bvut i waited 8 months haha! xx
  • Hi Angelkisses, I know how you feel, I too am scared about TTC again, its been just over a week since my op, and am still bleeding a little. Good luck.... Zxx
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