an unexpected outcome from consultant appt

Most of you know my story already, but in a nutshell.......we have been ttc for a year and its been difficult as I have long irregular cycles (50-130 days). With the help of a well timed CBFM in dec 09 we got our BFP. Sadly I m/c in Jan 10 at 6+4 weeks and found myself over here.

I've seen my GP in the past as I thought I might have PCOS. My scan showed cysts but my bloods were ok. I went back to the docs about a month ago who did all my bloods again and agreed to refer me for an appt at the local fertility centre. OH also did a SA. I was really hoping that the consultant would consider prescribing me clomid to kick start my ovulation, but truth be told I was expecting them to fob me off and tell us that because we're fairly young and have managed to conceive we should keep trying ourselves.

At the appt we discussed the problems that we'd been having and then she gave us the results from the SA - the number is good but motility was borderline and morphology was 1%! Dr said that because of my ovulation probs and OH's poor quality she thinks the next step for us is IVF, possibly ICSI! We were completely floored. My OH is stunned - because we conceived naturally we both assumed the probs rested with my ovulation, not his sperm. We have been given a top of the waiting list appt to go ahead with the IVF in May. I feel completely shocked and overwhelmed by the whole thing. TTC has been hard for us but I never imagined that at 28 years old I'd be having IVF. I feel so clueless about it all as well so am frantically trying to read all I can so I know what to expect. Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased we're getting the help we need, but I feel a little lost!

So I guess I'll be spending my time in the IVF forum from now on. We will still try ourselves until May but from the test results it would seem that conceiving ourselves in Dec was a bit of a miracle! I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you that helped pick me up after my m/c. You were all such a support to me and I'm not sure how I would have got through it without your kind words xx

Good luck to all of you and I'll pop back from time to time to see how you're all getting on

lb xx


  • Hi LB,
    Gosh no wonder you were floored!
    I am glad they have put you at the top of the wait list and that come May you will be underway.
    Wising you every success hun,
    Let us know how you get on! xxxx
  • crikey! thats a lot to take in! can i ask what morphology is???? my oh is going to get an SA done in about 6-8 weeks tieme... eak! In a way tho a positive side is that they're refering you quick! in fact super quick since u were pg only a few months ago! can i ask which part of the uk you live in??? xx
  • thanks for your replies ladies- it means means alot!

    Rocky, morphology is the shape of the sperm - it affects their ability to get into the egg (i think? still learning as I go along!).

    I think its the speed at which its all happening that has shocked me the most. Although our appt to start treatment is in May the lab is apparently closed in july for refurb so there might not be time for a cycle of treatment before then so we might actually get going in august. I live near newcastle so we are seen at the centre for life fertility clinic. at the minute they offer up to 3 cycles of treatment so I'm really fortunate. I hope you get positive results with your tests xxx
  • Oh hun, I'm really sorry to be reading this. Really hope your IVF works first time around and you get your sticky bean (or beans) at the same time! Wishing you the very best of luck x x x x
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