got the thrombophilia blodds done

well i got the bloods done at hospital this morning.the chempreg didnt affect it so doc went ahead.i was just surprised how many vials of blood she took i think there were six.i suppose its to check all different aspects plus backup results.anyhoo onlty test left to do now is day 17 and 21 hormone bloods but my gp will do that.and thats my tests over with at last.october seems so far way now.its hard to believe but i really appreciate this time how much time you need to recover etc.oh yeah my kids got swine flue vaccine today so three of us had stickies on today hahaxxxxxxxgood luck ladies optimism is important xxxxxx


  • Hi hun

    Yes they do draw lots of blood for that test, not nice!!

    Your right the break whilst having tests is actually nice to get your head around everything.

    Hope you & kiddies are feeling better soon luv.

  • Good to hear from you Roisine. What will the tests tell you?

    I agree with Laura - having a break from ttc can really help you put everything in perspective and help you feel more hopeful for the future.

    Hope those tests come back negative (or positive, not sure what they are for, so no idea whether you would want a positive or negative result!!).

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