Unbelievable...I am reeling!!

My sister has always been the world's biggest attention seeker, in the last year alone she has tried to convince us she has cancer, not true in the slightest I may add and she has fallen out with several of her friends for messing with their husbands.

I am sad to say it but she has been caught stealing from myself and other family members, it sickens me, how she has managed it I don't know, but she has been granted disability benefit for ME but still manages to work cash in hand, drive a car, take the dog for a run and ferry her kids here, there and everywhere.

She resents everything I have even though my husband and I have worked really hard since leaving school. Well, I miscarried for the 4th time last week, buried my small but tiny baby, not once did she call or e mail to see how I was or to say sorry, now I live 4000 miles away, I am flying home for Xmas, my mum and dad are fantastic people that would NEVER bad mouth a soul, my sister has told everyone where they live that because I am going home for Xmas, she will not be welcome and she has now got to spend Xmas on her own, NONE of this is true, I am sick of her selfish ways and her constant lies and hate the way she is making us look like really awful people. My poor mum is beside herself.

Sorry to go WAY off track but at a time when I am feeling so low anyway, she has to go and cause trouble, argh! Christmas is not looking quite so appealing. xx


  • Oh hunny, your sister sounds like my mother! I'm really sorry she is doing this to you and your family, especially when you've got enough to deal with already.

    I'm not quite sure what to advise, other than the only way I could cope with my mother was to cut her out - harsh I know but I feel a hell of a lot better for it.

    Sending you lots of hugs

  • Oh dear, she sound like a very toubled and self centred person.

    Resembles my sister but she's not quite that bad. when i had my ectopic she text me twice, no phone call - nothing. when i've spoken to her on fb all about her relationship difficulties (all caused by her cheating i may add) no mention of my baby as clearly he meant nothing to her.

    You and your parents know the th etruth so don't let her ruin christmas for you x x x
  • Honey I don't know if this will comfort you but my sister is also a prize cow. I won't bore you with the details (there isn't enough room on the internet to catalogue all her misdemeanours!), but I will say that what I have learnt is that you cannot control other people's actions. She is an adult, she makes her choices and has to live with them. Don't get drawn into her web, but do support your mum and dad and make sure they understand that you are fine with her being at their house the same time as you. Other than that, I would try to distance myself. I know for my part that once I cut the ties with my sister I stopped being stressed out and felt able to move on.

    You know how they say blood is thicker than water? I think that is total hogwash.
  • well make sure she spends christmas on her own hun,this is the time you come out with strength.i know the pain of buring a tiny baby and since then i take no crap from anyone.tell her what you think.she sounds like a real pain in the bum.dont help het do absolutley nothin cos what goes around comes around.do what she least expects and have a fabulous christmasxxxxxx
  • Cheers ladies

    You all sound so nice.

    I called my mum last night, she is so hurt by the latest actions of my twisted sister but on a positive note, at least her stinking dog wont get under our feet while we are trying to cook and I wont get wound up by her allergy to the kitchen sink!!

    On a positve note, I have made a mental note to start trying again in January, hopefully I would have had one cycle by then, the decision has made me feel excited, nervous and scared all at the same time because although I never seem to have a problem falling pregnant, I have a problem keeping pregnant so I am praying hard.xxx

  • holy ***** she sounds a right nightmare! Don't envy you that one at all i ahve to say - like you say at least you won't be wound up now! sorry to hear of your loss hun. xxx
  • holy ***** she sounds a right nightmare! Don't envy you that one at all i ahve to say - like you say at least you won't be wound up now! sorry to hear of your loss hun. xxx
  • OMG she sounds like a total nightmare! You poor thing. She has some serious issues. Sounds like she's completely jealous of you.
    Four mcs sounds horrendous. I'm dreading the possibility of having a 3rd next time I get pg. Good luck next pg x x x
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