I cant beleave it. I have just got back from a supermarket. I seen a 2pk of tests on offer n thought well i'll be testing the 2nd week of Jan if I still havent had my 1st A/F. Got back home n for some reason although it was 1.15 in the afternoon I thought what the hell i'll take a test n once I see its neg then I can stop thinking about it till after xmas. Well I have just taken it n to my surprise it has come out pos. I cant believe it. I dont feel preg at all so im really worried now. Will take another test in the morning just to make sure its not a dud one. I dont know what to do with myself now n the strange thing is I now feel like im going to get my A/F. Cant even get hold of my OH as hes at work. Need to chill.:\?:\)

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  • really hope it's not a dud hun! so happy for you but I can imagine how hard it must be to take in!! Have my fingers firmly crossed, what kind of test was it? xx
  • Im keeping my fingers crossed as well. It was sainsbury's own make. It says it can detect 4 days before A/F. Ive never used that one befor so I dont no how reliable they r ? The line was the same brightness as the other line but I just dont know. Will have to test again in the morning. Dont want to get to carried away again.
  • Couldnt wait until the morning so just done another test and it too was positive. Can't believe it.
  • aww that's fantastic hun! 2 tests can't be wrong!!! Congrats!! what a wonderful Christmas present for you, hope you have a h&h 9 months! xx
  • Awww that is great news hun! Well done you. xx
  • Congratulations
    That's brilliant news x
  • congrats hun, xmas will be so much more fun for you now image and you'll have a little baby to buy for next one - how exciting!!
  • Thank u ever so much. I hope see u all in the next forum. Still cant quite beleave it. Will b keeping every thing crossed for the next 12 wks.
  • congratulations LC2RED

    wonderful news
    x x x
  • Congratulations - it's very scarey and very exciting at the same time, take carex
  • Congratulations!!!!! Great news
  • Congratulations hon!!

    Take it easy and have a great Christmas - so exciting!
  • Congratulations huni xxx
  • Congratulations! I'm joining you too!! Yippee!!
  • Congratulations, I got mine yesterday too!! See you in the baby due in August forum maybe?? xx
  • What great news. I havent posted in the d d aug yet as im scared the min I do something will happen. Havent even been to drs yet. Want to wait as last time I went to drs on tues n m/c on the sunday so I had my notes n it was heart breaking. xx hope 2 here from u all soon with more good news xx
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