Help! we might have a gemgems take 2! UPDATE

Morning ladies, as most of you off the TTC jan thread will know today was my test date, i am CD30, not extacly sure how many DPO (?14DPO) I only had one of the dip strip HPT's at home to test with this morning and it had a faint line on it, but it is slightly darker across some parts of the line. What do you think?

Bearing in mind we have had a reasonable amount of snow, do you think it is worth going out to get another test or is this one faulty because of the variation if intensity on the line?

Me and OH both have our birthdays on the same day and we will be 29 on wednesday, it would be such a lovely birthday present.

OMG........ do you really think it could be or am i getting my hope up?

Jodie xx

Hi girlies

Took a CBD this afternoon, waited from 10:30 until 3.45 to pee, and test has come back as "not pregnant" - will have to wait and see now i guess, not going to drink tonight to be on the safe side, it ain't over yet i guess, think i will wait til sun/mon now before testing again unless "she arrives"

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  • Hi Jodie

    They say a line is a line!!. I would def get another test if you can & do another one or two LOL!!!

    It sounds positive, I dont personally know how reliable the cheapies are but know women who have had bfp on them & then done another & still had a line.

    Whispering Congrats, this is great I can feel a baby boom coming along in our forum
  • a line is a line hunny, but i dont test cheapy's at all! i have heard of people getting 2 lines even using water... get urself out there girl and get urself an FR!!!!! if i could magic you mine i would!!! Do it! but carefully - dont want you hurting urself on any snow or ice!!!! ooohhhhh am SO excited for you and hve my fingers crossed!!!! xxx
  • Hey jodie

    Replied on the Jan thread xx
  • Well Jodie, since joining BE I have learnt that of all the tests, Clear Blue ones are the least sensitive. I think they are 50miu or maybe even 100! Generally, from what I have read, those interweb ones CLAIM to be 10mui, so much more sensitive. So, without wanting to get your hopes up, I am secretly optimistic for you.


  • CB are definitely less sensitive hun so it's not over yet! A line is still a line in my book!! Plus you didn't use fmu, I know you said you waited before going to the toilet but were you drinking in that time? That could dilute your urine, get another test, preferrably FR if you can and test with fmu. I think I know what the result will be though... image xx
  • Was just looking on countdowntopregnancy cause you can check +/-ve tests past dpo & CBD showed that some women had -ve at 14dpo. xx
  • Thanks girlies

    Have had a nice bath and am getting ready to go out tonight, am driving of course. Its funny i really have felt that this month is different, i have got some small but noticable bumps around my nipples, but my boobs have not been sore really, just slightly noticable if i really prod them, and even then not much. Have felt v tired today and a little nauseaous this afternoon, but have put that down to worrying. Just having lots of this stretchy cm (constantly on knicker watch!!) think that i will prob leave it til sunday now. Thanks for all your responses ladies, i truly would be going mad without all of you lot!

    Jodie xx
  • FR with FMU at 14dpo. sorted. image xxxx
  • Have a great evening, will check on sun if you've re-tested xxx
  • ooh I do hope you're joining me!!

    my internet cheapies are the ones that say they're 10mIU, which I think is the same as superdrug. But the day I got the faint bfps on the superdrugs the cheapies were still -ve. the next day superdrug was v sl darker, so an obvious bfp, where cheapies and FR were really really faint like you wouldn't have confidently believed them on their own. So I'd say that superdrug most sens, then FR, then the partic batch of cheapies I had equal with tesco.

    I didn't do a cbd the day I got the superfaint superdrug ones, only the next morning with fmu when the superdrug one was a little darker.

    Good luck!!
  • Oohhh...Jodie.this sounds so promising!!!! Keep us posted. I'll say what I said to Gemgems....I hope its a shy bean who is going to surprise you tomorrow morning with a pregnant 1-2 weeks or a very strong line!!! xxx

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  • I've got everything crossed for you Jodie, keep us posted, i've got good feelings about you! x x x
  • Hi Jodie, I really, really, really hope this is good news for you. Hurry up do a test and then tell us, I am dying to know!! xx
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