Back & Refreshed :\)

Hi Ladies

Haven't been on here for quite a few weeks as wanted a bit of a break, as was getting a bit stressed with it all. Anyway, I'm feeling much happier, positive and chilled.

Have had this week off work and and the weather has been fab. We have been away visiting in-laws and managed to BD around the right time, in fact, we have followed the SMEP to the letter, so here's hoping.

Is anyone else following this too? This is the first time for us. I suffered a mmc a few months back, and have had two AFs since, so hoping it will be 3rd time lucky for us.

Its funny, but I feel quite relaxed about it now, like if it happens it happens. I'm determined not to get too worked up about it and symptom spot etc (don't quote me on this tho! image ) - am 4dpo today!! Cycles seem to have gone from 28 days (before mmc) to 32 days now - odd!

Anyway, I hope everyone is ok.

Love & Light.



  • Hi hun,

    Lots of people get their bfp's when their more relaxed so fingers crossed for you!

    Glad to have you back hun!
  • I am still utterly confused by all the acronyms!! Hahahah...

    However, I am glad you are feeling ok - were you DI Sept?
  • Hi Maddy, I was due in Oct, fell pregnant in January, but unfortunately we suffered a missed miscarriage and I had an ERPC op in March. Zxx
  • Hey Z Im liking the PMA and think ill try and relax a bit more too!! Not sure if you have seen post but AF showed up yipeeeeeeeee!! Although has gone again only one day of bleeding??? Think i am going to count it as CD1 but not sure an AF should be that light!! Saying that our bodies seem so different since MC. I notice your post bout boobs. I dont think any of us are the same since our MC. It is so weird i used to have lots of cramps before but nothing this time!!! Oh well fingers crossed for a positive month xxxx
  • Hi Leanne, good to hear from you, glad your AF finally showed up too. Here's to a BFP soon for us both. Zxx
  • Hi ZLS23!

    Glad to see you around here, you prob don't remember me but I was also in DIO and remember your story and your leaving, am truly sorry about what happened.

    Unfortunately, I also had a MMC at 14wks, baby died at 11+3 the same as it measured the day of our dating scan when we saw its heatbeat and legs kicking. It's just heartbreaking. Anyway...!

    Your boobs post; I haven't had any different pain but they've shrunk beyond belief! even DH noticed which make it worse! It's just another thing to rub in what we've been through!

    Thanks for repling to my AF post, can't wait to get started on SMEP in a few days!!

    Glad everything is going well for you, fingers crossed this is your month. Best of luck xxx
  • Yes - thats why I remember you, i was DIS but always checked the DIO as I wasnt sure if I shoudl be in there. Am glad you are feeling better - I have come on my first period today, so am very happy everything has finally gone back to normal. Its taken my body a good 6 months.

    So, I will keep my fingers crossed for us all xxx
  • Hi Amber, yes do remember you, so sorry to hear of your story too. Best of luck to you too, let's hope we get our BFP soon!

    MaddyW: glad you are back to normal now.... keep up the PMA!

    Love & Light.

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