FAO: Laujai

Hi as promised please find below details relating to a new trial which is due to start in January 2010.

The PROMISE (PROgesterone in recurrent MIScarriage) trial - is a three-year research study to investigate whether progesterone therapy in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is beneficial to women with a history of unexplained recurrent miscarriage.

Women taking part will need to agree to be placed at random in either the treatment (progesterone) or non treatment (placebo) group. The women in the study won't be told whether they are in the treatment or non-treatment group - and nor will their doctors. To get good results, the team estimate that they need a sample of 790 women (395 who will have the progesterone, and 395 who'll have the placebo). To reach that number and to have a wide range of women from all sorts of backgrounds, there are seven university hospitals taking part in the study, all with a particular interest and expertise in recurrent miscarriage:
???????Imperial College/St Mary's Hospital, London (Including Raj Rai and Prof Lesley Regan)
???????King's College/Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust, London
???????University of Liverpool/Liverpool Women's Hospital
???????University of Birmingham/ Birmingham Women's Hospital
???????Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands
???????University of Sheffield/Royal Hallamshire Hospital
???????University of Southampton/ Southampton General Hospital
???????Ayrshire Maternity Unit

I have emailed them to find out how I may join the trail or get further information, I have had a reply back to say it has been passed on to the lead consultant so just waiting to hear now. Not sure if I am aloud to post peoples email on here for you?

Still no sign of a/f and appointment is 8 days and counting away (arrrgh)!!



  • Thanks hun,

    Thats really interesting. According to my bloods my progesterone levels are ok but then I suppose that dooesnt mean that they def rise sufficiently in pg.

    That's cutting it slim hun if your appt is in 8 days why not ring & check that all other results are back cause if they are you could maybe keep this appt for the results & then have these done in time for your follow up appt.

    I dont see why you couldnt or you could post a link to were you found the info.

    Hope she arrives soon hun so you can get them done ASAP. xxx

  • No problems here is the link to contact details for the trial:
    Just called the hospital unfortunately they won't see me without having had my bloods and so my appointment for next week has been cancelled. The next available appointment at the clinic now is not till 9 March 2010. I am devastated I was really praying for good news and something to look forward to for the new year. They won't even give me the results from my other blood tests over the phone I can't believe how unlucky we are.


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