I just wanted to see how you were doing. I have noticed that you are testing the same day as me? Have you had any symptoms?


  • Hi sweet, sorry just seen this, I was out last night watching Eclipse at the cinema. Great film.

    Yep, am due on this weekend, think I will test Sat, though am tempted to do it tomorrw really - but mustn't! Hubby has forbidden me!! image I'm CD28 tomorrow.

    Signs: Hmmm - bloated, very emotional(!), bit achey, had a little bleed earlier in cycle (implantation?), so god only knows. Fingers crossed though, but am trying not to get my hopes up....

    How bout you?

  • Hi,

    I went to see twilight on sunday night, really enjoyed it.

    I am CD27 tomorrow. I am also going to test on Saturday. Period is due sunday but testing a day early as we are going out with some friends on saturday night if I am not pregnant and I will want to have a few drinks. Let me know you get on on saturday. I will not test earlier even though it is hard not to.

    My symptoms have been sore boobs, needing to go to the toliet a lot especially during the night and a few aches. I have been really hot lately and emotional too. I cried at Big Brother when Josie and John James made up which is worrying!

    I know I will be so upset on saturday if I am not pregnant but like you trying not to get me hopes up.

    Good Luck
  • Hi Ellie, oops forgot the sore boobs, had them for a few weeks now. Good luck to you too. Keep me posted. Zxx
  • Hi Ellie, have you succumbed and tested yet? I'm still holding off, Zxx
  • No, not tested yet. I will definitely wait for saturday morning. I really don't think I am pregnant and feel like I will be disappointed at the weekend. Are you feeling positive?
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