whats going on.....?

Hey ladies im in serious need of some help here.....!
As you know my partner was very reluctant to try again after we lost our little bambino!
However it was our 7mnth anniversary on saturday just gone (yup thats how new it is were still counting in months lol) and we went to a party and what not! When we got back i wanted to do the deed and he was like awsome! Then he was like lets have a chat first i was like ok! He said you still wanna have a baby and soon? I was like most definately =D He was like i know you do i know you want a baby and i want to give you one and soon im just scared of you miscarrying as its not fair to you....and also i wanna be financially stable and we had a chat and looked at stuff and decided that financially we would be ok as sam is getting an infustrial placement and im getting my new job which is fair money as well =D
And as i said the M/C is summit we will have to risk whenever we want to try and concieve image
So he AGREED and i am over the moon.....image Im all for sarting now but have no idea where to start or what to do!
I thought my AF had arrived yday...had a small bleed over the night but nothing since which is now over 24hours any clue? I stopped bleeding 4 days after m/c which was a week ago now (the bleeding stopping i mean) and had nowt since until then.....:\?
Im so confusede i mean we had had sex previous to saturday but it was the firat time without protecton then could it have anything to do with it?! I have to do a test on thursday to make sure its negative and then we can seriously start getting down to it if my AF arrives....honestly when you want to her to arrive she never does and then when you dont want her she appears with a vegance.....should i be concerned about the bleeding?!


  • hi bumpwisher, an AF after a miscarriage can only be classed as this so long as there has been 20 days without bleeding. the bleeding your experiencing could likely be left over blood or irritation from having sex. I bled for 7 days after my Miscarriage but it wasn't 7 days in a row, there was days with gaps in between and some days it was just spotting and others it was like a heavier bleed.
    you normally ovulate about 2-4 weeks after a miscarriage and can have you period about 4-6 weeks depending on ovulation. if your lucky your cycle may just start of where it left of before the first pregnancy.
    keep an eye on your cervical mucus, it will be creamy and white on non fertile days and runny like uncooked egg white on fertile days. this is the time to have sex. if not certain about your cm then try ovulation kits.

    good luck and glad you and sam sorted it out.

  • Thanks hun....i had no idea about the 20 day thing.....so could just be blood off MC phew i was like uh oh whats this this site is bliddy fantastic xxx
  • glad I could help image

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