I'm a Newbie!!

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, I had a mc at 6+3 last Tuesday so just coming to terms with it now. I only came of the pill in March so fell pg straight away. My problem is that my doctor told me that because was so early on and mc'd natrually to class the day of the mc as CD1 - This means I'm now on CD9 but I have no idea when I'll ovulate as I dont know how long my cycles are due to being on the pill previously. I do want to ttc straight away and know to look for ewcm, but just feeling very unsure about everything.

I've also heard that you are more fertile after a mc - has anyone experienced this?

I can't believe the lack of support offered to women who have mc - It seems if you have a cold, sprained ankle or ear infection you get a little leaflet giving you advice but if you have a mc you should just deal with it!!xxx


  • hi i have also eard this that you are more fertile after mc some of the ladies on here have become pregnant with in 3 months some times
    sorry to hear about your mc .x
  • Hi MrsAd,

    Didn't want to r&r. Just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your mc that your doc hasn't been very supportive.

    This forum is fab though, just to speak to others in the same boat and has been so supportive. Remember it's early days hun. I'm not sure about being most fertile after mc. But maybe it would be good to wait just one cycle if you can so you know your OV date?

    HUGS xx

  • Sorry to hear your news. Since I mc I have been researching and most of the advice seems to be wait one cycle.

  • Hi Mrsad im sorry to see you here. I found out my baby had died @ 9weeks last wed and had a D&C on monday. Im finding the lack of support for the hospital/doctor shocking.
    I also have heard you are more fertile after mc and am thinking about ttc soon. I know people will think its too soon but waiting a while wont make this loss any easier.
    Have you noticed EWCM before cause if you have then you should be able to tell when you ov'ing. Not all ladies get this though xxx
  • Hi sorry to hear your news, its such a cruel thing to happen I mc in march and still not quite over it yet but we started ttc straight after too and they only recommend waiting one cycle now so they can date the pregnancy easier, I also heard you are more fertile after mc and there are a lot of stories to back it up but try not to get your hopes up as I was convinced I would catch straight away and when I didnt it was really upsetting.
    good luck and I really hope your feeling a bit better soon take care xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for the replies - I registered then promptly forogot my details - arrgghh!!

    Its good to know that there are other people out there in the same boat, wish that none of us were on this forum tho!!

    Babydust to everyone!!xxx
  • hey, sorry u've had to join us. i found this forum the only place to get real support. the hosp weren't horrid but they weren't very informative. some say that u are more fertile after a mc but atb the end f the day it takes 2 of you and will happen when the tinme is right, we started ttc agian straight away and it gave me something postive to focus on. it may take a few cycles for your body to settle down again so try not to worry, xx
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