very confused about asda test

hi guys. its been a while. hope you are all well.
i'm 12dpo and took a asda test this morning. it has come up with a very faint pink line in test region. i took it apart to get a better view and its there. could this bet a evap line or am i pg? has anyone used these? thanks kat


  • Hi
    I seen your post on the home page. I used an asda own brand to get my bfp and it was fine and defo a bfp. Could you see the line before you took it apart? x
  • yes. i serched the net about evap lines and that said that they are usualy colourless. this is pink. it came up after 3 mins and is still there
  • hiya,im in pretty much the same position as you, i did a tescos test this morning an got a faint pink line. im a bit nervous about getting excited,but lets hope it is positive for us both.x
  • oh i hope so. i'm very nervous at the mo. i haven't even spoke to dh yet. i'm going to test again in the morning. good luck
  • Hi KittyKat

    Nice to see you. I've used asda test before & would say there reliable, def sounds like a BFP an evap line wouldnt show so soon. So congrats hun xxx Oh also katymoat have also used tesco tests as well LOL & think there quite good as well, so congrtas as well xxx
  • hi, i did 3 asda tests got 3 faint lines 3 days in a row, so i got a first response test and it was definate on there! so i would say yeah, they are accurate!

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  • thanks guys. i don't want to start jumping about just yet. i'm going to do a first response in the morning and see if the line is any darker. also after last time i don't want to get excited and be upset agin. anyway i shall update you all tomorrow.
    thanks again
  • good morning campers, its early.
    well just to update you all i did a first response this morning and got another faint line. not as faint as yesterday but faint. i'll tell dh later and see what he thinks. i'm going to save the other test for friday and compare lines. good lock katy.
    thanks kat
  • thanks kittykat,im glad you got another pos test! i did another test this morning too and it was positve yay!!! fingers crossed for a christmas baby.x
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